How to Prepare Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids have been by your side from day one since you have started planning your wedding to the last, ceremony day. They hold your dress in the toilet, they were there for all problems and hours of wedding talks. Bridesmaids are kind of invisible heroes of the whole wedding process. That is why many brides like to give bridesmaid gifts to their friends as a token of appreciation.

You should definitely gift them something unique and personal. Do your homework, think about things they would love to have. However, while doing that, consult with these tips on how to prepare wedding gifts for your bridesmaids.

Think About Gifts

Before strolling around the shopping malls or online stores, try to think about what your friends would like to get. You don’t have to buy the same gifts for each bridesmaid. That can easily make you look lazy, right? So, choose something special for each friend, but make sure it is within the same price range.

Go for something that is functional and timeless at the same time. Everything with monogram sounds good. You can choose leather bracelets, blankets, or robes with the names of your bridesmaids.

If you would like to make bridesmaid gifts even more personal, try to DIY. Make bracelets yourself, or prepare jars with homemade jam. That is certainly something that can show your bridesmaids you carried to make beautiful gifts for them.

On the other hand, you can also stay practical and give them vouchers or gift cards for shopping, gym, cooking or language class. If your friends are super busy, make appointments for them in spa, hairdresser or for a manicure.

wedding gift

Think About The Time

Wedding experts say that it is the best to start shopping early – one or two months before the wedding is just the right time. It is always better to get your gifts early rather than late. The last thing that should happen before your wedding is thinking about bridesmaid gifts

So, think ahead and you won’t have any problems. More importantly, you will even have time for changes.

Think About The Money

Before buying and even thinking about gifts, you should consult with your wedding gifts budget as well as your budget in general. You should, of course, spend how much you can. There is always the pressure you get from the expectations – if your bridesmaids expect something you should give them as a gift.

Think about how much your bridesmaid will spend on your wedding, and try to find a gold middle. Some say spending between $75 – $150 is the best. You are certainly not obligated to cover all their expenses. It is always better to buy them something nice, then buying something expensive.

It’s Gift Time

When you buy and pack all the gifts, the question pops out – when you should give your bridesmaid gifts?

You can present them on the wedding day or rehearsal dinner. Also, if you would like your friend to have gifts before the wedding, you can organize a brunch or a relaxed evening where you will give gifts.

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