How to choose the right wedding veil — length and style

Wedding veil is one of the important parts of your wedding outfit and it should match the whole style you have chosen for your wedding day. All your accessories should complete and enhance your wedding dress. Do remember that the length and style of the veil will make you a shining bride.

Advice for choosing your veil

  • Do try on different lengths and styles of veils. Choose the one which suits you and your wedding dress.
  • Try some veils on with your wedding dress even you think you don’t want one.
  • Remember whether there’s a lot of detail on your wedding dress. A long veil which ends below the detail or a short one that ends above the detail will be the best choice.
  • Avoid the veil that ends right where your bodice begins, which cuts you in half visually.
  • If you have a plain and simple gown, you can choose a more decorated veil.
  • If you are petite, the veil should not overwhelm you. Make sure there are not too many layers or embellishments.

                                                               Veil lengths

                                  39″ veil – often referred to as ‘Shoulder’ length


                                    47″ veil – often referred to as ‘Elbow’ length


                                     59″ veil – often referred to as ‘Waist’ length

                                     72″ veil – often referred to as ‘Fingertip’ length                                

                                         Left to right:

                                         98″ veil – often referred to as ‘Floor’ length

                                         126″ veil – often referred to as ‘Chapel’ length

                                         144″ veil – often referred to as a ‘Cathedral’ veil. 

                                 Below are a wide variety of embellishments and edging on veils.

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