How to Choose Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

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With the summer just around the corner, you need to find a swimsuit that will suit perfectly. To do that, you need to identify your body shape and follow some tips for getting a perfect swimsuit for yourself. Do you wonder how to do that? We got you covered!

We surely don’t need categories about women’s bodies. So, here we won’t talk a lot about those popular body shapes, but about the things that determine us – small bust, big butt, skinny legs, or a tummy that you want to hide.

Identifying Your Body Shape to Choose the Best Swimsuit

First of all, let’s see which styles suit many types of bodies. By trying different swimsuits you can pick the ones that suit you the best. From curvy to athletic – you will find everything here.

Pear shape

If your bust is smaller than your hips, and your waist gradually slopes out to the hips, then you are pear-shaped. You will need swimwear bottoms that will create an illusion of smaller hips. High waist pants are ideal for this. When it comes to the bodice, you can choose padded or push-up wired cups. Patterns can also help – experiment with vertical stripes that will draw attention from problematic parts.

Small bust

Small busts are usually connected to the petite figure. The best bet is to go for embellishments, ruffles, and other details that will make your chest look bigger. Also, consider picking suit with padded cups, instead of simple bikini triangle cups. Polka dot swimsuit with twisted top is perfect for hiding small bust.

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Large bust

Unlike the women with a small bust, the huge chest is also something that many women don’t know how to handle. When buying a swimsuit, avoid string bikinis as much as you can. Don’t buy the bathing suit tops in sizes S, M, and L. You will need huge cups so your breasts can fit properly and not be all over the place while you swim. Search for thick stripes and double-stitched bands.


If you would like to hide your curvy butt, then you will need a bit more fabric than the bikini swimsuit provides us with. Stay away from Brazilian and other cuts that can make you feel uncomfortable in certain areas. Pick bottoms that are simple, solid-colored, while tops can be printed or even embellished. That is how you will make a perfect balance.

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Athletic types are usually compact and straight. These women should look for a swimsuit that creates an illusion of a curvy body. This can be done with ruffles, feminine styles, bright colors, and interesting prints.

Tummy Concealing

Even though no one likes to have a tummy, especially in the summertime, it is actually not so hard to hide. With the swimsuits that have details in the right places, like peplums, you don’t need to worry about your tummy. Pick the one-piece suits instead of two-pieces and make sure they have V-necks.

Sexy Splice color Chinlon One-piece
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Love Handles

Love handles are suitable for cuddling and hugging with your loved one, but when it comes to showing them off, we are not so delighted. Especially during summer when you wear two-piece swimsuits. Make sure to pick high-waisted bottoms, above your belly bottom so you can avoid side muffins.

Short Torso

The short torso can bore you in summer, but with the right swimsuits, you can absolutely hide it. Choose swimsuits that will actually elongate your bustline. Bottoms with low-rise, halter neckline one-piece suits will draw attention from your short torso.

Classic Stripe High Cut Polyester Nylon One-piece
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Big Hips, Skinny Legs

This might be a tricky combination, but it can be solved. The key is to make a balance between your shoulders and your hips. This can be done with off-the-shoulders swimsuits, preferably in black color.

Wide Shoulders

Broad shoulders can be balanced with swimsuits that don’t have prints, but solid colors and printed panels. Asymmetric instead of straight necklines would be a great choice.

General Tips to Follow When Shopping for Swimwear

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Finding the right swimsuit is equally hard as finding that perfect pair of jeans. However, there are some tips that can make that search easier, whether you are doing it in a shopping center or online. These are some of the general tips to follow when you shop for a perfect swimsuit.

Focus on the Type of Fabric

There are two main fabric options that swimsuits are made of – nylon and polyester. Both of these fabrics have their pros and cons.

Nylon is one of the most popular materials for women’s swimsuits. It hugs the body perfectly, it is comfortable and very soft. Typical blend comes from 80% of nylon and 20% of lycra, spandex or elastane. It dries quickly which is very important when you spend your days by the sea. It needs to be hand-washed and hanged to dry.

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Polyester is less popular, and it can be found among competitive swimwear. You guess – it is very durable, strong, and it repels chlorine and is UV resistant.

Look for materials that are heavier. Light fabrics can appear like lingerie or underwear, which you certainly don’t want.

When it comes to the stretch, make sure to try every blend since they are not the same. Some of them are made of elastane, some of the lycra. 

Look Out for Colors and Patterns

While there are some popular shades for every skin tone, you can also choose between various prints. Blue is probably one of the most popular shades, followed by red, green, orange, and of course black and white.

Acknowledging both size and placement of patterns is crucial. While they all look cute, they might not suit your body figure. Dark shades minimize, large prints can highlight, and lines emphasize.

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Choose the Right Cut

When you determine your body shape, things you want to accentuate or hide, then you can pick the right cut of your swimsuit. No matter if you are a fan of two-piece or one-piece suits, you can find the right cut in no time.


We suggest you try as many styles as possible, so you can find the perfect one that suits you. Get to know your body, your curves, bust, chest, and follow our tips for choosing the right swimsuit for this summer.

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