The Best Wedding Food Ideas for the Reception All Seasons

Whether you are going for a small or big wedding, a wedding reception will never be missed whether it be at a fancy restaurant, hotel, or home. Some may find that wedding receptions are more fun when hosted at home – that is, if you’ve got the ideal place. Home reception would save much on the budget. Aside from that, an advantage would include having your guests to extend their stay and celebrate with you until late. And, for that to happen, entertaining activities and delicious comfort foods will do the trick. We’ve got a list of the best wedding food ideas that can keep the fun going.

While you can discuss with your wedding planner about the reception food, it would also be nice to check on some recommendations that may somehow help in your decisions. Here is a simple wedding reception food menu that may help during the preparation.

Dessert Bar for all the Sweet Lovers

The wedding cake is something that a lot of couples consider very important. They have to go through a lot of yummy tastings to choose the perfect one. But a great addition to the dessert menu is having a dessert bar. And no, we don’t mean the traditional sweet carts! While they are very tasty, it is something very common.

Best Wedding Reception Food Ideas - Wedding Cake Cupcake

We suggest choosing more elegant desserts such as cupcakes, macaroons, or mini French desserts in order to achieve a classy dessert table. This recommendation is also ideal if there are children.

Best Wedding Reception Food Ideas - Elegant Desserts for the Sweets Lover

Going Healthy for the Main Course

In a lot of cultures, food is much appreciated on the wedding day. Whether you go for traditional food, something more elegant or a mixture of both, there is always a lot of tasty dishes for the couple and their guests to enjoy. Sometimes though, there can be an abundance of dishes that can be quite heavy, especially for a whole day of celebrating.

Best Wedding Food Ideas for the Reception - Healthy Main Course

Nowadays, people’s diets are also changing, with more people choosing to stop eating meat, dairy products, or gluten. However, this does not mean to say that you have to limit the meat and dairy on the table. Instead, you can add more fruits and vegetables on the menu. Arrange them in an eye-catching manner. While it takes part in the lovely wedding decorations, it also enhances the appetite of your guests.

Well, it has been a key trend for the past year to take these health concerns in mind and elevate them to a delicious wedding menu, while still keeping the food very elegant and appropriate for the special event.

Refreshing Cocktails for Every Taste

No matter what food you choose for the wedding reception, you also need great drinks to complement those delicious dishes. Cocktails are a great choice for this. Not only are they fun and very interesting, especially for the hotter months, but they also work with a variety of tastes. You can have them sweet or sour, fruity, or on the bitter side, and everyone gets to choose something with the type of alcohol that they prefer. And you can also have non-alcoholic ones for the children or those that don’t drink. In addition, if you are having a winter wedding, you can also include mulled wine in the bar. This will keep your guests warm.

Refreshing Cocktails

Meanwhile, a great way of putting a fun spin on it is by designing a signature cocktail that both the bride and the groom love, and serve it on the day to all your guests.

Wedding Reception Menu - Signature Drinks Mister Margarita & Blushing Bride

Waking up the Party with a Coffee Bar

Weddings are always a time for celebration and perfect timing for getting together with all your relatives and friends. In order to keep the party going for hours and give the guests a little boost of energy, a coffee bar is great to have.

Wedding Reception Menu - Coffee Bar to Boost Energy

You can personalize it with your favorite toppings such as chocolate shavings and whipped cream, as well as sweet syrups such as vanilla and caramel, and serve it along with dessert. With the coffee culture constantly growing, your guests will love it no matter where you are in the world.


Sometimes, folks read other people based on the foods that are served. For instance, a vegetarian would set a table with more fruits and vegetables while an athletic one will have more foods that are protein-based. Since the couple will have guests, tendencies will be to ask the wedding planner to make the meal plan, and they will just have to check and approve it. However, for some, they will do thorough research before they talk with the wedding planner or the caterer. Meanwhile, we hope the suggestions mentioned will help you in your decision making as to what food or drinks will you include on the menu.

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