Hairstyles to Match the Wedding Theme

Along with the wedding gown and your makeup, the hairstyle is one of the things you should pick according to your personal style and wedding theme. With so many gorgeous hairstyles, brides often find themselves overwhelmed and don’t know what to choose. Consult with your hairdresser, but don’t forget to take a look at our list as well. We have prepared hairstyles to match the theme of your wedding.


Chignon is one of those hairstyles that are classy, timeless, and absolutely fabulous-looking for all face shapes. This hairstyle perfectly complements romantic, traditional, as well as vintage wedding themes. You can match it with a veil or wear it without – it is on you to choose.

When it comes to picking accessories, pick the ones that won’t make your head heavy. Floral petals and sparkly hairpins will add a modern yet sleek vibe.

Curls a la Hollywood Diva

If your wedding theme is inspired by some past times, then don’t hesitate to pick Hollywood curls to match it. Vintage and sophisticated, oversized curls will make you look glamorous and complement your vintage-inspired wedding dress. Ask your hairdresser to add some fixing spray so they can survive all the dancing and sweating.

Ponytail – Low or High

Ponytails are so classy. No matter if you choose to wear them high or low, you will always have a sleek and elegant hairstyle, wherever you go. To match your rustic wedding theme, pick a low side ponytail. You can also think about adding some curls just to make it look messier.

Braids, Messy Curls

Braided hair will perfectly match the bohemian wedding theme. Boho means relaxed, boho means freedom. So, your hairstyle should represent that. You can opt for a big waterfall or French braid or partially braid your hair. If you do it partially, make sure to curl the rest of your hair. Natural waves and curls are one of the boho trademarks, so don’t hesitate to make some half-up-half-down hairstyles by enhancing your waves.

Casual Beach Waves

Opting for a beach wedding might be one of the best decisions in your life. That is why you should pick some casual hairstyle, yet not too much – you don’t want to look too ordinary, right? Tousled waves will do a pretty nice job if you want to look like you have salt in your hair yet to look elegant. Salt spray can help you in achieving this kind of look.

Updo with Flowers

Adding petals and flower hair accessories will add a special romantic vibe to your wedding look. You can opt for a face-framing braid or leave a few hair strands at both sides and wrap the rest of the hair into a low or medium bun.

Loose Waves with Floral Crown

This hairstyle is one of those that can complement many wedding themes – from romantic to rustic. You can opt for fresh flowers or simple leaves that someone can arrange for and turn them into a crown. You can also add some highlights or dye your hair with the balayage technique.

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