Guidelines for the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dresses

Gone are the days when the bride’s mother had to wear frumpy, conservative and matronly traditional dresses with a big corsage that made her look like the bride’s grandmother. The mother of the bride dresses have changed over the centuries and the modern mum wants to look glamorous, stylish and classy without outshining the bride. The contemporary mother will not only dress according to the event but will also show her unique style and taste by choice of her dress.


The modern designers have given the mums an easy time by designing mother of the bride dresses that are classic and chic giving mums an appealing youthful look. Some of these new trends and ideas include the following:

1. Strapless or sleeveless dresses

Strapless dresses have gained a lot of popularity among brides’ mums. Most mums today opt for the strapless dresses that reveal their arms and give them a sexy look on their daughter’s weddings. For the church service, you may consider adding a shawl, a shrug or a bolero to your strapless dress to look decent.

2. Flowers

Another new trend is giving your mum a small bouquet of flowers that she can carry as she walks down the aisle. This is different from the traditional corsage pinned to the bride mother’s dress. If your mother chooses a strapless dress, then you can do the wrist corsage. You may also keep the flowers on her dress in a cute modern way by pinning the corsage to a belt around the waist of her dress.

3. Accessories

The bride’s mother can wear accessories that are almost gorgeous as the bride’s choice. Modern mums are also wearing fabulous jewelry today.

The bride’s mother is also the center of attention after her daughter on the wedding day. A perfect dress will not only make her daughter happy but will also set the right tone for the wedding. The bride’s mum should therefore be cautious when choosing the right dress for the occasion and should consider the following factors:

The Color

The bride’s mother should never wear white, off-white, ivory, champagne colors since the bride may most probably choose from these colors. Black is elegant, classic and formal but people still argue that it suggest mourning, so avoid black as well. We advise mothers to discuss with their daughters on what colors to wear on their wedding.


You most probably would love to look great on your daughter’s wedding, but you would never want to upstage her. The degree of formality of the event assists in determining the style of dress to choose. For instance, for a formal wedding, a formal gown, classic suit or a cocktail dress is a perfect choice.

Consider the Groom’s Mother

The bride’s mother and the groom’s mum don’t have to match, but it is the role of the bride to ensure that their colors don’t clash.


In conclusion, the mother of the bride dresses is an essential part of the wedding event. The wrong choice of a dress by the bride’s mother can frustrate a beautiful and a happy bride. It is, therefore, the role of every mother to brighten her daughter’s day by choosing the perfect dress for herself that have been approved by the bride.


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