Tips in Choosing the Right Pair of Flat Wedding Shoes

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A lot of brides may think that they have to wear bridal heels as their wedding shoes; however, if you are not used to wearing heels, why not go for flats. Wedding flats are a better option for you to go with, especially if you are wearing a long wedding gown – your shoes won’t be even visible.  

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Before you start choosing your new wedding flats, take a look at these few pieces of advice. They will surely assure you that flats are great, and these tips will also help you choose the right pair of shoes.

Tips and Tricks

Flats Should Match the Venue or Theme

Believe it or not, you need to choose your bridal shoes, depending on the wedding location. If your wedding ceremony takes place outdoors, then wedges and block heels are not a good choice. You might need to choose simple flat wedding sandals for a beach wedding and silver or gold flats for a modern themed wedding.

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If you are going to be married indoors, you always have the option to choose higher heels or flats with a good sole. It totally depends on your style and what’s comfortable for you. While flat wedding shoes are a great choice, heels are also a good choice for someone used to it.

Break Them Well Before the Wedding

You need to break your shoes in before the big day, whichever footwear have you decided to wear. Bridal stylists would advise choosing closed-toe wedding shoes, as they are more supportive of whole-day wear. Thus, trying your wedding shoes on or before the nuptials will keep your feet safe from any sort of discomfort such as blisters.

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Make sure that your wedding dress, shoes, and other accessories are all prepared a week or two before the big day, so you can at least walk around with your footwear by then. Besides, having all the things set in advance will reduce your stress level. It can also help you prepare physically and emotionally for the most awaited day.

Bring Your Shoes to Wedding Fittings

If you have already chosen or bought the perfect pair of wedding shoes prior to fitting, don’t forget to bring your shoes to the wedding dress fittings. Meanwhile, if you are in such a dilemma as to which shoes to wear – heels or flats, don’t hesitate to bring them both to the fitting.

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You will be sure your dress alterations are done right only when you see how long it is when wearing your wedding shoes. If you still opt for flats, be careful from tripping, or if you opt for high heels, be careful from falling.

Always Keep Moleskins Close

In case your new flats give you discomfort and blisters, don’t be afraid. Make sure to keep blister moleskins close by, and put them immediately after you feel pain. This is the reason why you need to break them in days before the wedding day.

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We have also outlined some of the greatest benefits wedding flat shoes can give to the bride, and we hope these can help you decide on whether you choose bridal flats over wedding heels.

Unique and Comfortable

Bridal flats are unique and comfortable. If you want to be different from the others, just pick sparkly, lace-up flats, and don’t worry about your style. Flats are great for upgrading your wedding attire, especially if they have some sparkly details, brooches, and other eye-catching embellishments.

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In addition, opting for heels means you will end up in pain and blisters. Dancing all night in a pair of 12-inch heels is not a good idea, and you know it. On the other hand, flats are flattering alternatives that will keep you comfy and stylish. You can even wear them down the aisle.

Perfect for Outdoor Weddings

Beach weddings and some other unique wedding locations, such as waterfalls and forests are so dreamy, exciting, and breathtaking. You may need to do some hiking to reach the destination, which would mean you will have to wear hiking shoes then change to flats for the wedding upon arrival.

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Wedding bridal flats would still be the ideal option as you can walk around with ease, considering the location. They prevent you from tripping or falling.

Flats for both Wedding Ceremony and Reception

It may be true that bridal heels can make you taller and look fantastic during the aisle walk; however, flats can also give you benefits. If you have chosen flat wedding shoes for the wedding ceremony, then you do not need to change to a different pair of shoes for the reception.

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You Can Wear Your Flats Again

Unlike some extravagant high heels, flats are great for wearing again after the wedding day is over. If they are chic and classy, you can even consider wearing them to work or use them for some other special events.


As you can see, a pair of bridal flats is a perfectly good choice, just like the bridal heels. Wedding bridal flats and wedding heels have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to avoid pain, discomfort, and tripping over your dress, then choose excellent and chic flats that you can wear even after your wedding day.

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