Finding the Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Girls

Finding the Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dresses for Your GirlsWhether you’re planning on tying the knot at the seaside or preparing for an intimate affair at a tropical island, beach weddings and beach bridesmaid dresses are absolutely magical! Brides nowadays like to opt for fabulous new venues instead of going for the traditional church wedding. But no one is complaining, as the choice of a unique venue lets those creative juices flow, and leads to a mesmerizing ceremony you won’t forget for years to come.


Though having your wedding at the beach has its perks, one of the most difficult parts of the preparation process is finding appropriate beach bridesmaid dresses for your girlfriends.

Finding the Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Girls

Finding the perfect dresses for your girls has a lot to do with the theme of your wedding. There are thousands of bridesmaid dresses available in the market that are perfect for an outdoor wedding, but in order to find the most suitable ones for your event, you need to keep certain key points in mind.


Choice of Material

Finding the Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dresses for Your GirlsGowns made from satin or silk are a complete no-no for beach weddings. If you don’t want the salt water to leave stains on the dresses, or have the hemline of the dresses covered in sand and dirt by the end of the day, stay away from these fabrics.


If you want your girls to be able to move around freely and enjoy the wedding day to the fullest, chiffon is the material to consider for beautiful beach bridesmaid dresses. Chiffon is a light and airy fabric that will go well with the tropical theme and set the mood just right. Chiffon dresses are comfortable and easy to carry; they won’t stop your girlfriends from twirling around in the sand, enjoying your big day to the fullest, without a worry in the world.


Length of the Dress

Finding the Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dresses for Your GirlsThrowing a beach wedding does not mean you have to opt for everything casual. You can organize a lavish wedding at the beach, following the formal theme you always wanted. When deciding the length of the bridesmaid dresses, you need to keep in mind the overall vibe, theme, and setting of the ceremony, as well as the preferences of your favorite girls. From a comfort point of view, short dresses are the way to go; your girls will be able to move around freely, without worrying about their gorgeous dresses being dragged across a sandy beach.  However, if you want to give your wedding a more formal touch, opt for longer dresses that are suitable for an outdoor setting. Try to avoid dresses with long trails, or other elements that are likely to be in constant contact with the sand and water; no one wants a ruined dress at the end of the wedding.


Choice of Color

Finding the Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dresses for Your GirlsThere are no hard and fast rules regarding the colors you should wear at a beach wedding; it all depends on your preference. Generally, pastel colors such as light pink and light blue work really well, as they complement the entire setting of the beach. However, if you want to brighten up the atmosphere and add vibrancy to the setting, bold colors such as bright pinks and corals will do the trick!


These 3 essential tips will help you find the best beach bridesmaid dresses for your girls, allowing them to be comfortable while pulling off a glamorous look on your big day!


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