Find Matched Accessories For Your Wedding Dress

The big day is almost here. After finding a perfect wedding dress, it is now time to mix and match it with ideal accessories. Don’t worry. Many tried-and-proved rules can help you find matched accessories for your bridal look.


True, your wedding gown should be the main star of the event, but the fact is that you will need accessories. They will elevate your look, make it, even more, prettier and beautiful. In order to make this accessory game stress-free and fun, we have gathered around some rules that can help you choose the best accessories for your wedding day.


Try Not to Overdo It

The ‘less is more’ is the first commandment that can be easily be incorporated into the process of choosing wedding accessories. No matter how intimidating and tempting all that bings look, you should choose something really sophisticated, instead of overdoing it. Base your buying around your wedding gown. Surely you won’t need a tiara, earring and a veil all mixed together. Opt for the thing that matches the best with your dress and personal style.

Know Your Decolletage, i.e. Neckline

Different necklines require distinct types of jewelry and accessories.

  • Strapless or sweetheart neckline – you can easily go with a shorter necklace or a choker. These type of necklaces are retro, but being very modern at the moment. The other option is to skip necklaces and wear long earrings.
  • V-neckline – this neckline style gives you a chance to mix and match different lengths and styles. You can also opt for a choker, or long pendant or both! White pearls are always a good choice as well. If you are choosing something more delicate, match it with earrings.
  • Halter, reversed halter neckline – if your dress has halter neckline, then it is the best to avoid necklaces. Focus on your hair instead, by adding shiny details and make a hair updo in the ponytail or a bun.


Match Metals and Dress Shade

If you are in a dilemma what metal to choose, always consult with your dress shade. Try it on and see how gold, silver or rose fit you.

If your gown is white, go for platinum or silver pieces. Ivory mixes with gold, as well as champagne. However, the champagne retro look can be achieved by adding burnished silver accessories. In the end, blush tones always match with rose gold. A soft pink dress will match fantastic with rose gold pieces.


Buy What You Need

If finding accessories or jewelry take more time than finding the right wedding gown, then you should focus on choosing only one thing. No matter how beautiful some necklace or bracelet is, if it doesn’t fit your style or the dress, don’t buy it! Instead of buying pieces you will not wear, opt for a classy pearl or diamond necklace. Don’t buy jewelry pairs – modern brides tend to wear mixed jewelry.

Follow Your Personal Style

The rule that you should definitely listen is to follow your personal style, no matter what. If you are comfortable with big and massive jewelry – go for it. Otherwise, stick to accessories you would like to wear and which make you feel confident.

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