Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Most Comfortable Dance Shoes

If you have in mind to start dancing, professionally or not, then you should know one thing. Choosing dance shoes is not such an easy work to do. But, don’t worry. We have collected all the info for you to help you find the right ones.

The excellent choice for dancing shoes is absolutely necessary if you want to have your own Saturday night fever. Dance floors can be fantastic, but they also can bring big trouble to the dancers. Glass, sticky spots, and not enough grip can do only harm. A pair of quality dance shoes will help learn better how to dance, and show every move that you know!

About Dancing Shoes

You can find many different dance shoes on the market today, but two main types are Ballroom and Latin.

The biggest distinction between Latin and Ballroom shoes is in the heel. While this is more visible with women’s shoes, the male dance shoes will have Cuban heel instead of some other that you can see on everyday footwear.  On women’s Latin shoes the heel is bigger in order to help you with better toe leads as well as with your hip movements.

You will find that man’s dance shoes are regular black Oxford shoes with a low heel. However, women shoes can vary – they are usually with open-toe front and with 5 or 7 centimeters. They can be pumps, strappy or regular sandals. They come in many different colors, but the black is definitely one of the most popular shades. If you want to extend your legs, then it is better to pick colorful shoes.

How to Choose Perfect Dance Shoes (Tips and Tricks)

Make Sure That They Fit Perfectly

When you are buying your new shoes for dancing, make sure that they fit perfectly. Only that way you will be sure they won’t give you any blasters or inconveniences when your dance is over. Some dancers suggest to go half or even one size down when buying dance shoes. However, make sure they don’t cause pressure on your feet.

Suede or Regular Sole

All professional dancers recommend buying the shoes that have suede sole. Unlike the regular sole, suede one gives you the right amount of traction. You will feel more secure when making spins, moving around the ballroom, and there will be less chance for you to get hurt.

Open-Toe or Closed-Toe Shoes?

Open-toe sandals are designed for Latin dances such as samba, rumba, and swing. They allow you more pointing with your toes, which these dances require.

On the other hand, closed dance shoes are designed for classic dances – waltz for example. It requires classy and sophisticated shoes and dress, and that is why closed-toe should be your choice.

If you are a beginner you can actually choose both of these shoes. However, if the beginner decides for open-toe sandals, there is always a possibility that you will be stepped on.

Wearing and Caring

Taking care of dancing shoes must be on your to-do list every time you wear them. Many things can harm them, but the biggest enemy is moisture. It can absolutely ruin the shape of your ballroom or latin shoes.

You need to know that dance shoes will not last as your everyday ones. Due to their delicate materials and suede sole, these shoes intend to last much shorter than regular shoes. Don’t wear them outside the ballroom.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy good dancing shoes. Make sure to follow these trick and pro tips when you buy your next pair, and you can be sure the shoes won’t turn out bad. Comfort should be in the first place. Don’t forget to clean them and keep them in good condition.

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