How to Dress in Style Like Meghan Markle

Before making headlines as the next UK princess, Meghan Markle was already well-established around the world as a beloved American actress. She has appeared in dozens of television shows and films, so she’s no stranger to the spotlight. As any princess should, she has a style that’s all her own.

Even before she was associated with the royal family, she was a smart and trendy dresser. There’s no doubt that as the next princess, she will be among the most fashionable members of the royal family, along with Princess Diana and Meghan’s future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Let’s delve into her fashion philosophy and learn how to dress in style like Meghan Markle.

Keep it Classy


Even when she wears short skirts, bodycon dresses and tops with plunging necklines, Meghan Markle knows how to keep it classy. One way to achieve this is by layering with a fitted blazer or a fancy coat. Another way is to keep accessories to a minimum. Use a coordinating clutch instead of a big bag, and let the outfit be the star by choosing just one or two slender pieces of jewelry to pair with it.






Know Your Proportions


It’s clear that Meghan knows her proportions and how to highlight all the right areas of her body. Don’t try to force your body into dresses that don’t suit you just because you like them. Understand your body shape and your curves and choose outfits that compliment your best features while covering up the areas that aren’t so flattering.

It’s All About Accessorizing


From handbags to jewelry to shoes, it’s evident that Meghan chooses her accessories very carefully. A classy look can never be achieved when you’re drowning in bulky accessories. When choosing any accessory, pay close attention to the outfit’s color palette and either match pieces or choose pieces that compliment the color scheme. When choosing shoes, pay careful attention to proportions. Meghan is a big fan of simple heels with pointed toes, which pair really well with her knee-length and above dress styles. As far as jewelry is concerned, less is more when you’re trying to achieve a classy, royal look. Simple, plain pieces add a perfect accent to an outfit without drawing too much attention away from the overall look.

For specific brand information, the most up-to-date looks and more in-depth fashion tips, check out Meghan’s Mirror, the soon-to-be princess’ fashion blog.

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