Enchanting Ways to Dress Your Precious Flower Girl

Inviting an adorable precious flower girl to join your bridal party brings charming innocence to your ceremony. Advice on how to your youngest attendant, selecting her fairytale princess outfit, and rehearsing her duties will encourage the delightful celebration you want.

Mini Attendant Selection

A typical flower girl is 3 to 8 years old. Finding a darling yet patient child will help your wedding go more smoothly. But realize that when a precious flower girl participates in your ceremony, some things are beyond your control. Whatever she does from dropping her basket or lifting up her skirt to giggling or crying, stay calm. Your precious little royal will cast a spell that inspires onlookers’ smiles.

Fashion Options

Enchanting Ways to Dress Your Precious Flower GirlDress decisions: By tradition, the bride chooses all her attendants’ dresses from bridesmaids to flower girls. Or you might let the child’s mother pick an appropriate frock that meets your fabric, color, decoration, and length requests. Her parents pay for her outfit usually, but you can offer to cover part to all of the cost if you wish.

Colors: Your tiny attendant should coordinate with your wedding party. Matching your bridesmaids is optional. Unlike the bridesmaids, your flower girl can wear the same classic white or ivory you do, resembling a mini bride. Adding accents like bows, sash, lace, appliques, beading, sequins, and/or shoes in your bridesmaids’ will emphasize your color scheme. Modern brides embrace various pastel, bright, metallic, and dark hues.

Length: Choose flower girl dress styles without a floor-length skirt and train, especially for younger girls, to hinder tripping or tugging during your ceremony. Knee and tea hemlines are popular alternatives for flower girl dresses.

Comfort: Skip itchy, heavy fabrics and rough trims to avoid scratching and wiggling.

Online shopping: Consider the tips above when browsing the JJ’s House enchanting collection of princess flower girl dresses. Choose from sweet silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and embellishments for various age groups.

Stockings: Have a second pair of tights available in case snags occur. Match white or ivory stockings to her dress since these shades can vary.

Wrap: Should she get chilly, a chic cardigan that complements the little lady’s dress will be handy.

Shoes: New footwear can hurt your tiny tot’s performance. She needs her shoes a month or more in advance. Encourage her to break them in by walking around her home a few hours weekly.

Jewelry: Keep extras minimal like simple pearl earrings or bracelets.

Hair accessories: Your precious flower girl can adorn her hair with a tiara, flowers, or decorative barrettes like your bridesmaids or on her own.

Wedding Duties for your Precious Flower Girl

Enchanting Ways to Dress Your Precious Flower GirlEntrance: Traditionally, a flower girl follows an optional ring bearer’s procession. Carrying a basket, she scatters rose petals or confetti down the aisle’s bridal path before your maid of honor or you. If your venue bans sprinkling anything on the flooring, she might blow bubbles. Or substitute a single bud, mini bouquet, flower ball, or blossom basket.

Service seating: Reserve up-front aisle seats for your flower girl’s parents for nearby reassurance. An older child may stay with your bridesmaids at the altar, looking adorable and poised. After processing, a younger one may sit with her family.

Buddy system: If your little princess is nervous about walking alone, select a flower girl pair. Or ask your ring bearer to escort your royal beauty. Partnering with a buddy will minimize solo pressure and boost confidence.

Female bonding: Invite the lovely lass and her mom to join pre-nuptial events like bridal showers so she’ll be comfortable around your older attendants. Their familiar, friendly faces will ease her anxiety on your big day.

Preparation: As the bride, you need to explain your flower girl’s special role to your chosen child in advance. Describe how to scatter petals. Sprinkling just a few per step will avoid running out before reaching the front.

Rehearsing: Request her parents offer pep talks during rehearsals. Practicing a relaxed processional pace is key for a youngster since it’s a deliberately slow speed. Otherwise, excitement may turn her magic moment into a dash to the altar. Rehearsing in her flower girl dress and shoes with a basket in hand will help her become comfortable with her new attire and accessory. She could drop paper scraps while walking until that extra activity feels natural enough to prevent stumbling.


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