Dress Introduction:New Evening Dress Collection

New Arrival Evening Dresses

















At JJ’s House, we are excited to announce we have just released a brand new collection of evening dresses for Spring 2019. Our top styles include floral lace and sleeves, watteau trains, soft tulle skirts, and front splits, to name a few.

In this post we will explain to you in a little more detail why these are so special and why you will fall in love when you see them.


Floral Lace & Sleeves

















Dress ID:#116702#117681#167684

For outdoor events, or if you prefer to be a little more covered up, we have bright, unique and stylish sleeved dresses with a trendy floral print.

Flower back is certainly back! Trending summer dresses are full of floral-print, and the trend doesn’t stop there! Having floral-print on your evening dress is both unique and eye catching, and what better way than to have it on lace. Lace is delicate, exquisite, and oozes elegance on any dress. we recommend going for a pastel shade to make the print more defined and noticeable. We would pair it with neutral colored shoes and accessories to give your outfit a clean and neat finish. Be forward thinking with fashion, and flaunt your individual personality with this distinctive look at your next event.

The laced sleeves are fitted yet comfortable. They are timeless because of their delicacy and the visual lightness they convey; lace sleeves bring elegance with a touch of sensuality.


Watteau Trains

















Dress ID:#167686#167718

If you are searching for a evening gown that truly stands out, you will definitely feel like a Princess in our evening dresses with watteau trains. These trains extend out behind you to create an eye-catching look. It is not as common as other trains, making the dress more special and unique. Adding a watteau train to a minimalistic dress adds a more dramatic feel, perfect choice for your next formal event.

Soft Tulle Skirts

















Dress ID: #167679#167685#167699

Our new evening dress collection has dresses with fit and flate silhouettes. JJ’s House dresses with soft tulle skirts give you a playful twist on a traditional formal gown. The soft tulle is comfortable and light, meaning you can wear this dress for hours. The lightness of the skirt means it flows whilst wearing it, making perfect picture moments. Its graceful, elegant, and stylish, with tulle seen as a trending fabric for dresses in 2019. Our new evening dresses with soft tulle skirts have a slim fit top, typically a corset, so you get a great shape and visual contrast between the top and bottom half.

Front Splits

















Dress ID: #167689#167700#167692

One of our most sought-after designs. Our gorgeous A-line evening dresses draped in chiffon and crepe give a flattering finish. Adding the special detail of a front split adds class and glamour to the outfit, and shows off long legs. Whether you would like a simple one-color top half design, or detailed corset with sequined beating, our new evening dresses can cater to your preference. Add the wow factor at your next event with our front split dresses, ideal for casual evening events, formal parties, and more.


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