Different Bridesmaid Dresses

When you received the wedding invitation from the bride, in addition to knowing it is a Chinese wedding or western wedding, it is better accompanying with bride to choose her dress. Only bride’s dress has been confirmed, the different bridesmaid dresses can be determined.

Different Bridesmaid Dresses
Different Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding is the ceremony illustrating the change from a cute girl into a mature woman. Therefore, bridesmaids have a very important task to dress young, highlighting the maturity of the beautiful bride. Therefore, the selection of different bridesmaid dresses same color must be based on the four principles: the color of clothing shall be consistent with the bride, but more subdued; style and shape shall be simpler than the bride dress; more fashionable than the bride, for example, the bride wears a wedding dress, you shall wear a skirt or trousers; match up shall be dignified and stable, so that guests do not focus on the bridesmaids, but omit the main character, bride.

The main body of the wedding is the bride. In a popular wedding ceremony, the bride usually wears a white or colored wedding dress. From the color analysis, the white color along with white, while white with black or red have much contrast. Therefore, the multiple different bridesmaid dresses should be avoided wearing black and white clothing, in order to avoid distracting the color of bride.

Also from the color analysis, pink is within the range between red and white, which is soft progressive color. In the field of color, pink dress is the typical representative color of lovely romantic girl, conveying the message of softly warm atmosphere from lovely girls. If the bride wears a white wedding dress in the party or dinner, choosing casual different bridesmaid dresses of pink short dress can highlight the bride’s purity and elegance. In addition, it can show how lovely and young of bridesmaids.

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