8 Most Adorable Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

You might be or not be an animal lover, but one thing is sure – there is nothing cuter than dressed-up dogs on a wedding day. Since there are many ways you can include your pet to your big day, you can choose the one that suits you the most. In an ideal world, everybody will take their dogs or cats to accompany them by the aisle. However, that is not always possible. Of course, there are still limitations, and you know your dog well – he/she could be friendly or the bodyguard type. Meanwhile, there are many ways you can include your little ones in weddings – photoshoots, on a cake, on invitations, or different décor details. But, if you have the opportunity to have them at the ceremony and reception, don’t hesitate to do that.

Groom, Bride, and Dog Best Friends at the Wedding

1.Include them in Photoshoot

Imagine how nice the photos will be with your partner and your little and sweet best friend. It would be more fun to include your pet all dressed up when doing some classic bridesmaids and groomsmen photoshoot – more fantastic and unique photos. These photos will make you smile every time you look back at all the memories from that day.

2.Inform your Guests

Not everyone loves animals. Even so, it would still be best to inform your guests in a creative way that your dog best friend will be present on your big day. The best way to tell them about it would be your wedding invites. A dog-themed wedding invitation will help in the information dissemination while setting the mood of the guests.

3.Let Your Dog Attend the Wedding

You should always check with the wedding planners and venue owners if they allow animals. Some ballrooms won’t allow you to bring your dogs or cats. Be prepared to hear such news. Instead of bringing your pets inside, dress them up for the photoshoot outside the venue. But, if you really like your dog to be present during the wedding day, check all possible venues as early as possible. There will always be one animal lover out of the many who will allow animals.

Dog with a Cute Bow Ready to Attend the Wedding

4.Dress Up Your Pets

Pet clothes are simply adorable. You will feel in love with those dog wedding outfits – little tuxedos, bows, and shirts. Yes, these things are all made for our little furry friends. Dress your female dog in an adorable dog wedding dress to match your bridal gown and your male dog with the fantastic tuxedo to balance your groom’s attire. Be aware though – not all dogs and cats will feel nice dressed up. Find the best way to make them feel comfortable and not cranky.

She-dog and He-dog in their Fantastic Wedding Outfits

5.Give Your Pet A Cute Role

Some brides prefer to have dogs by their side while walking down the aisle. This is great since all your guests won’t expect to see you two together. Put a bow or hang flowers around its neck that matches with the rest of the wedding theme. Note, make sure the flowers are edible in case your dog eats them. For some other couples with a trained dog, aside from the idea of walking with the bride, they give the dog another special part instead. The dog, alone, can march with a basket of flowers or could serve as the ring bearer.

6.Mention them at the Ceremony

For some dog lovers, the dog usually holds a very special place in his/her heart. Whether your pet will be present or not during the wedding occasion, don’t forget to mention them in your speech. You may also dedicate a special song for them. In the event that pets are not allowed, save your pet a seat so you can still feel its presence.

7.Dress them for Sweet Table

If you have a sweet table or stationary where guests leave notes, play games, etc., then you can have your dog there as well. Prepare your pet for photos by dressing it up to match the wedding theme as you enjoy playing around with it.

8.Wedding Cake Toppers with Dog

Your love for your dog best friend may be unfathomable, which will lead you to have a dog-themed wedding cake – placing a bride, groom, and dog figurine wedding cake topper or designing the wedding cake with a dog in the middle.

Personalized Classic Couple Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper
Item ID: 118730

Conclusion: Falling in love is like owning a dog, as they say. For someone who considers a dog his/her family, it may seem they are inseparable. That’s just how love is. There could be a lot more reasons why some say falling in love is like owning a dog, and this could also be supported by King Frederick of Prussia, who coined the phrase, “dog is man’s best friend.” This expression has been widely used since then, and its meaning has been proven as the years advance. Hence, it is no question that dog-lovers would want to include their pet dogs at their weddings – may it be during the wedding photo shoot, the wedding entourage, or the reception, and/or on the wedding invites, or wedding cake toppers.

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