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Are you eager for Cyber Monday deals that slash our low prices even more? Everything on the JJ’s House website is on sale during this extended fashion extravaganza. We’ll kick things off with a 12% discount on all purchases you make on Cyber Monday, Nov. 27. Shop our six-day Cyber Week Sale Tuesday, Nov. 28 through Sunday, Dec. 3 to get 5% off all order totals. Select various dress styles and holiday gifts, using the tips below.

Popular Silhouettes

To find ideal cuts that will inspire confidence in your appearance, consider these common options available in special occasion dresses and wedding dresses:

Empire waists: Raised waistlines sit just under your breasts. Skirts flare slightly downward. Choose empire waist styles for flattering contours that emphasize your bust or disguise your full midsection and undefined waist.

Sheaths: If you’re slim with minimal curves, hunt for form-fitting sheaths. Straight vertical lines run like columns from your bust to your thighs on long gowns and to hemlines on short dresses.

A-lines: Classic princess bride silhouettes look beautiful on all body types. Fitted bodices taper to your waist. Torso-to-floor lines flow outward to wider hemlines. Apple- and pear-shaped women love these cuts that conceal their full midriffs and tummies or hips and thighs. Linear panels create slimming effects, drawing eyes vertically down dress seams.

Mermaids: These looks complement most figures, emphasizing torso and leg lengths. On long gowns, body-hugging fabric flares outward dramatically from your knees to wider hemlines. Resulting mermaid shapes mold and accentuate your curves in alluring ways, so they’re popular for special occasions. Shorter lengths feature higher, abbreviated flares.

Ball gowns: Fairy tale inspirations suit formal occasions best. Below fitted bodices, full and perhaps multilayered skirts flare from your waist to the floor. They flatter most body types. Try ball gowns if your waist is small. For a pear-shaped figure, dramatically voluminous skirts can camouflage broad hips and thighs.

Design Elements

Halter necklines: To expose your shoulders and define your bust, try halters that fasten around your neck. If you’re daring, look for backless styles.

Draped fabrics: Want to look as dreamy as a Grecian goddess? Search for softly flowing material that hangs on bodice fronts and/or backs loosely.

Drop waists: Some dresses feature lowered waistlines. Basque-cut styles showcase fitted U or V shapes that extend below your natural waist. Both looks elongate torsos, so they’re ideal if you’re short waisted and curvy. Retro waists from the 1950s boast full-circle skirts. Vintage frocks that stay true to the French Basque region’s 1923 designs include snug bodices and long sleeves.

Fabric Colors

For spring/summer 2018 fashions, Pantone’s trendy seasonal color spectrum includes feel-good shades and uplifting tones that reflect playful fun. Optimistic and confident qualities infuse dresses with new vitality. Tonal experimentations exceed traditional guidelines’ limitations.

Standout seasonal shades include:

Yellow: Lively, outgoing, and positive yellow glistens with joy, illuminating our world.

Lime green: Sharply pungent, this citrus green variation is striking and energetic.

Cool green: Retro yet modern, this cooler, cleaner green features a spa-like hint of blue.

Sky blue: The traditional shade for baby boys makes new promises in 2018. Everyone can embrace enduring possibilities under expansive blue skies.

Lavender: A soft, romantic hue creates charming, soothing tranquility.

Purple: Conveying ingenuity and originality, royal purple leaves a magically fascinating and intriguing impression.

Coral: Subtle yet alluring coral’s understated appeal is enticing.

Fuchsia: Dramatically flamboyant, fuchsia’s beguiling charms make it a tantalizing choice.

Red: This bold primary color exudes energy and heat. Demanding attention, red’s courageous, impossible to ignore intensity is alive viscerally.

Chocolate: Rich chocolate brown represents substance and strength.

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