Can You Wear Red to a Wedding: Colors You Can’t Wear to a Wedding

When you get invited to the wedding, firstly you get excited, right? Then you start thinking about the attire you should wear. We all plan our outfits in advance since we want to look great. But not better than the wedding couple, since it is their day. How to achieve the look that is appropriate and elegant? What color to wear and which of them to avoid? We have answers to all your questions.

The Reasons Why Wearing Red To a Wedding is Rude

One of the biggest wedding no-no’s is a color red. Why is that – there is no one right answer. There are a few reasons you should avoid red. However, some women don’t follow the rule of not wearing red. And that is fine as well.

Classic red is a bold and vivid shade. It draws attention – some brides don’t like it. It can steal the show, be more than visible in photos, especially in the group ones.

If you still opt to wear red, and you absolutely can, make sure to ask the bride if she is okay with it. Choose minimalist silhouettes that won’t draw attention from the happy couple. Deep cranberry or burgundy dress might be a good alternative to red.

Girl in a red dress with polka dot print

Can You Wear Black to a Wedding?

Traditionally, black is referred to as the color of mourning. It is worn on funerals while in some cultures (like Hindu) it is considered as an unlucky shade. And while we all surely have one LBD in our closets it is better to leave it for other occasions.

Can You Wear White to a Wedding?

Why can’t you wear white to a wedding? Well it is pretty obvious, isn’t it? White is the bride’s color and you don’t want to overshadow her. If you have already bought that snow-white slip dress, just returns it into your closet and save it for some other event.

Even if this is a pretty obvious rule that everyone should know, some women forget or simply ignore it and show up in a white dress or jumpsuit. Don’t do that unless you have an agreement with the bride.

Other Colors you Can’t Wear to a Wedding

Alongside white, black, and red there are some other colors you should avoid. Here is the list of those shades and materials you should not wear to a wedding.

①Off White or Ivory

Anything that is too close to white should be avoided. Eggshell, off-white, ivory, beige, and champagne can all be shades of a bride’s dress. You definitely don’t want people to mistake you for the bride, right?


Gold is also one of the colors to be avoided. It is too close to champagne, which is also one of the no-nos. Some brides, usually the modern ones, won’t follow the rules about wearing white, but something close to it. They can choose gold, so it is best for you to stay away from it.

③Overly Sparkly or Heavily Metallic

Glitter is fine, but make sure you won’t go over the line with it. Otherwise, save that dress for a Saturday night out or for a bachelorette party. When it comes to metallics, they should be avoided as well as sparkles. Especially if the wedding takes place during the day. You should pick dresses with sparkly details, sure, but avoid all-metallic-everything looks.

④Bridesmaid Dress Color

Before buying your dress, ask the bride about her bridesmaid’s dress colors. It would be awkward if you appear at the wedding in the same shade as some or all bridesmaids. You will look like a wannabe, and trust us – it is not pleasant. So, instead of having discomfort, make sure to check in with the bride.

⑤Mother of the Bride or Groom Dress Color

The same rule can be applied to the mother of the bride or groom’s dress colors. Don’t wear the same shade as them! Make sure to put this as another question for the bride, before buying your wedding guest dress.

What Colors Won’t go Wrong to Wear to a Wedding?

There are safe colors that you can definitely wear to a wedding. Always follow your style and don’t experiment with colors and cuts too much.

Navy Blue

Navy-blue evening dress with embellished bodice
ID: 198654

If you are a fan of dark colors, then you should choose navy blue over a black dress. This floor-length maxi dress with sparkly bodice will definitely suit many different body types. A dress like this is suitable for very formal, black-tie events, where the maxi length is the must-have.

Deep Purple

Deep-purple floor-length gown with the off-the-shoulder neckline
ID: 187221

One of the jewel tones you should definitely consider is deep purple or the color of plum. It matches with both gold and silver jewelry, different types of sandals, and accessories. Don’t worry, this off-the-shoulder maxi dress won’t reveal too much – just enough for a sophisticated and glamorous look.

Emerald Green

Emerald green dress with a side slit
ID: 230685

This emerald green color will certainly look great on you. It is perfect for fall and winter weddings. The jewel-toned green maxi off-the-shoulder dress is elegant, chic, and great for women with minimalistic style. If you are in for a dress that is not embedded, or with embellishments, then this one is the right choice.


Grey V-neck dress with flowy sleeves
ID: 179216

Grey is a neutral shade that is great for matching or wearing alone. You can go for some embellished silver details, but don’t overdo them. The V-neck floor-length dress with ruffle sleeves is a great choice for both younger and older women.

Dusty Blue

The dusty blue strappy floor-length dress
ID: 220266

Blue in all its forms is perfect for wedding attires. You can choose this dusty blue dress with floral embellished bodice if you want an elegant and chic outfit. Maxi length is suitable for both heels and flats. You can just add some nice pieces of jewelry – earrings or necklaces.


Mulberry ruffle dress with a halter neckline
ID: 190704

While red is one of the biggest no-nos in the wedding world, burgundy or mulberry is much more acceptable. It is a nice wintery color of a wine that leaves no one indifferent. The cut of this burgundy dress with side ruffle is interesting, body-hugging, and sophisticated. 

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