Choosing Your Dream Wedding Theme For Your Big Day

The excitement of planning your marriage ceremony and reception from your dream wedding theme can be stressful. To make every decision affecting your dream day easier, review trending overall design styles below. Then browse JJ’s House online to find stunning yet affordable bridal gowns corresponding to your favorite wedding themes. Shop by venue to narrow down your options.



Your dignified color palette of white, green, and silver or gold will inspire your formal evening wedding. An exquisite lacey gown with long sleeves, elaborate train, and full veil will complement bridesmaids’ long seasonal shades and men’s tuxedos. Traditional bouquets of white or pastel pink roses symbolize love, beauty, and joy. Set a refined tone with chandeliers, candelabras, fine china and crystal on deluxe linens, and white chair covers. A sophisticated church service calls for classical organ music with a string quartet echoing that theme afterward. Supply gourmet cuisine, champagne, and floral three-tiered cake.



Old-world nuptial touches go from a time-honored white bridal gown with pastel attendants to classic cars. To revive yesteryear’s nostalgia, decorate your period location with quaint styling accents like wedding photos of previous generations in primitive frames, treasured family heirlooms, antiques, tailored chair covers, and elegant floral centerpieces on delicate doilies. Engage a ragtime jazz band to serenade a feast celebrating your heritage with a reimagined ancestral cake.



Create the impression of a legendary storybook’s magical fantasy with a feminine color palette. A royal-inspired ball gown, jewel-encrusted tiara, and bridesmaids in dainty florals will convey romantic grandeur at your fairytale wedding. Set the whimsically ethereal mood with soft candlelight, petal-strewn aisle, cascading ivy, and sweet pink roses. In an enchanting ballroom, use fancy blush-toned linens, ice sculptures, rosy centerpieces on gold-framed mirrors, fine china and crystal, and princess and prince champagne flutes. While a harpist plays dreamy melodies, savor finger foods, a chocolate fountain, and castle-shaped cake. Depart in a horse-drawn carriage.



An eclectic wedding theme with a timeless Boho flair is easy for free spirits to accomplish. Forget matchy-matchy concerns. Mix blues, greens, burgundies, and purples with metallics in a festive medley. When choosing relaxed attire for bride and her attendants, go for soft, flowing dresses in light shades to unconventional bright or dark variations. Add lovely blooming head wreaths with colorful streamers. Embellish your intimate tent or woodsy setting with batik prints, wildflowers, assorted multihued dishes and ethnic-patterned napkins, and ribbon-wrapped mason jars. An acoustic guitarist can play vintage folk songs as guests enjoy appetizers, wine, and cupcakes.



Any timeworn barn wedding’s country aesthetics yield eternal charm. Match vintage romantic apparel to your rustic elements’ faded earth tones. Wear a champagne or taupe retro gown with floral crown and cowboy boots. Downhome wedding themes are fun to develop if you’re creative and crafty. Adorn the space with white light strings, rusty lanterns, and primitive wooden tables with wild flowers in jugs and assorted white tea lights. Decorate with branches, tree stumps, hay bales, barrels, burlap, and twine. Savor barbecue and a nutty, woodland-inspired cake to honky-tonk harmonies.



Lush greenery, vivid fragrant blossoms, and sunshine make tropical celebrations picturesque. If everyone’s willing to travel, arrange an exotic destination event. Or bedeck a backyard, garden, or park to resemble the real thing. In warm weather, a simpler strapless and sleeveless mini, knee, tea, or maxi length dress will look and feel cool. Be adventurous by flaunting unexpected colors reflecting your surroundings. Use vibrant pink or purple blooms for your archway, headdress, Hawaiian leis, and centerpieces. Palm leaves, bamboo, and Tiki torches add authenticity.



Elegant or understated beach festivities unite outdoor lovers’ favorites. A long sandy aisle, gorgeous sunset, and sparkling turquoise water create the natural setting many couples prefer for destination and hometown weddings. Take some hints from the tropical theme above. To complement the beautiful scenery, dress in creams, tans, and aquas. Going barefoot or wearing flip-flops is fun and easy. Serve luau drinks and cocktail snacks with a seashell cake while a ukulele plays.



Want to start your life together quickly without extra fuss and expense? Go with a casual wedding theme. Combine the most laidback Boho, rustic, tropical, and/or beach ideas to suit an informal home, backyard, or courthouse location. Try a short basic dress, single flower, your favorite tunes, balloons, punch, and cookies for minimal guests.

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