Choosing the Right Prom Dress

We all know how special prom night is, and choosing the right prom dress is a source of stress if you have no idea where to begin with. And in case you’re not sure what kind of dress you would like in the first place, we prepared a few suggestions that should help you out. Those are the kind of dresses that are chic, timeless, and easy to style with a variety of accessories. This mean it will be easier for you to adapt them to your personal style and be both confident and comfortable during this special event!


The A-Line Dress

If you’re aiming for that classic, glamorous look, then a red/burgundy dress is what you should look for. We recommend an A-line floor length dress, with a simple structure. For a sexier vibe, details such as an open back or a V-neck will do the trick, without being too revealing. A statement piece of jewelry will complete the outfit by giving it more structure and a focal point. It can be anything from drop golden earrings, a sparkling clutch or a set of wide, golden bracelets.

Dress #138337


The Princess Dress

Maybe you’re one of those girls who dreams of feeling like a princess on prom night – and for that we have the perfect dress idea. An A-line chiffon dress, decorated with tiny beadings on the top. The details are subtle yet very elegant and complete the look beautifully. Search for shades such as dusty pink, champagne, or lavender as those favor this delicate look. And since the dress already is a statement piece in itself, you won’t be needing any big accessories to create contrast.

Dress #70353


The Mermaid Dress

Another classic type of dress, the mermaid dress is probably the most comfortable and sexy option you can find, more so if the design includes an off-shoulder top. To make the look a little bit more dramatic, opt for darker tones such as navy blue, dark purple or even black and details such as sequins/beads/lace added to the top. We suggest styling your hair up so the entire shoulder/collarbone area will be visible.

Dress #138526

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