Bridal Gown Inspiration by Top Fashion Influencer Chiara Ferragni

The wedding of a blogger and influencer Chiara Ferragni and now the bride’s husband Italian rapper Federico Leonardo Lucia “Fedez” will probably be remembered as one of the most iconic and glamorous weddings of all times. Along with all other things such as the Ibiza bachelorette party and the astonishing location of the wedding, there is something in particular that everybody will always come back to – Chiara’s couture wedding dresses.

The wedding ceremony took place at Sicily where Chiara’s mother is from. The ceremony started from Friday night with a rehearsal dinner at Noto Bassi di Palazzo Nicolaci. Toasts and tears are part of Italian tradition. With all of these elements, the Ferragnez couple hosted the unforgettable party of their friends and family.

On Saturday night of September 1, the wedding started with an outdoor ceremony at the Dimora Delle Balze, a secluded palazzo in Noto. Everything was exploding in lots of greenery, roses, and hydrangeas. Chiara was escorted down the aisle by her father.

Bride’s Thoughts About Her Wedding Dress

It was clear that the bride had a love at first sight with her wedding dress. Last season, she approached Dior designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and asked her if she would like to do her wedding dress. “At the beginning, I didn’t want a traditional wedding dress,” Chiara admits.

“I felt I wanted more of an evening dress, specifically one that I loved from Maria Chiuri’s first collection for Dior. [But] after I met with Maria Grazia Chiuri, who thought we could realize a modern yet classical wedding dress without losing my contemporary identity, and fusing the fact that I am a young Italian woman.”

The Bride’s Custom-Made Romper

Grazia Chiuri came up with the idea of the custom-made romper instead of a traditional bridal gown which Chiara absolutely supported. Chiara wore a classic and sophisticated dress featuring a high neckline and long sleeves. It had a crochet lace romper as a base and wrap around tulle skirt on top.

Chiuri said the crochet jumpsuit recalls the ancient practice of southern Italy and France where the technique is strongly associated with the female tradition. The gown required 1,600 hours of work by a team of four women. The skirt alone required 32 pieces of tulle.

Fabulous Bridal Gown with Crochet Lace Romper as the Base and Wrap-Around Tulle Skirt

But, it was not the end. After the wedding ceremony where they read their vows, Chiara changed into her reception bridal gown. This time, Maria Grazia Chiuri opted for something more personal. The dress reminded us of the first collection she did for Dior in spring/summer 2017. It has a lot of embroidery on it – some of them were phrases that Fedez wrote about Chiara the night he proposed to her at the Arena di Verona.

Chiara Ferragni's Personalized Wedding Dress for the Reception

“Maria had the idea to write part of the song that my fiancé wrote for me and sang to me at the Arena di Verona where he asked me to marry him,” said Chiara. “There is also my little lion, my little son. There is also the idea of flying. My fiancé used to be scared of flying but he used to do it to come to where I was working. It couldn’t be more customized.”

Chiara had one more dress changing after dinner. She switched her long dreamy skirt to a short party dress, making it the third Dior outfit for the day. The bodice was the same as the second. She claimed that the miniskirt would make her more free and ready to dance and have fun at the Ferragnez amusement park and the concert.

Overall, she said that both of her dresses celebrated the wedding theme which was Italy’s heritage and Coachella party vibes.


Chiara’s wedding dresses have become an inspiration to the many brides and fashionistas around the world. The second gown she wore for the reception was so dreamy and so personalized. It wasn’t just a plain tulle dress or lace dress; but, it was really something that reveals the love story of the couple.

Both dresses were breathtaking and fabulously versatile that the skirts were so carefree and can be easily switched from a short skirt to a long one and vice versa – with a romper as the base part, a long dreamy wrap-around skirt for the ceremony, and a short skirt for the dance and fun-filled activities.

And, if you are looking for a wedding theme inspiration, look to Ferragnez’s wedding celebration – from the bridal gown to wedding venue decors and even the incredible location, the wedding invitations, the lovely bridal party attire, their own designed wedding rings, and much more. As you look back to their wedding photo collections being shared around various social media platforms, you will be totally amazed at how well organized the wedding was.

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