5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Flower Girl Dresses

Finally, you’ve successfully planned your whole wedding ceremony – the venue, decorations, catering, dresses, guests, bridesmaids, everything. But wait, have you thought about your precious flower girl? Though she may seem small, she has one of the most important duties on the wedding day – to lead the bride down […]

Finding the Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Girls

Whether you’re planning on tying the knot at the seaside or preparing for an intimate affair at a tropical island, beach weddings and beach bridesmaid dresses are absolutely magical! Brides nowadays like to opt for fabulous new venues instead of going for the traditional church wedding. But no one is […]

Wedding Bells Call for the Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes

Since the wedding season is coming around again, all the girls, who have anybody getting married around them, have a serious challenge to face – putting their outfits together. Although you may be able to pick out the perfect dress, find some matching jewellery, getting a handbag and the perfectly […]

How to choose the color of groomsman and bridesmaid garments?

It is important to choose suitable garments for groomsman and bridesmaid. Firstly, the style should not be too exaggerated. Secondly, the colors should not be too outstanding. Otherwise, they will steal the thunder in the wedding ceremony. Here we will talk about garments in three most popular colors. 1. Tips […]

Beautiful Shoes for the Bridesmaid

Most brides would like to invite their good friends to perform as her bridesmaids. With the help of their friends, they can make the bridegrooms and themselves outstanding. So besides choosing beautiful bridesmaids dresses, it is also very important to make a good choice of the shoes. When choosing the […]

The Wedding Ceremony of Princess Zara

At the local time of July 30th, the British Princess Zara Phillips and has a wedding ceremony in Canongate Kirk Church which located in Edinburg. This is the second wedding ceremony for the British Royal Family. Compared with Prince William’s wedding ceremony, Zara’s is not so luxurious. The Canongate Kirk […]

Three Trends of Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

Every bride hopes to hold a unique and interesting wedding ceremony. Today we will introduce you some trends of special wedding ceremony. Hope you will know how to hold your unique wedding ceremony. Trend one: return to nature and be yourself. Now it is fashionable to go away from the […]

Flash Marriage

Nowadays we find the number of women who don’t want to get marriage at an early age is increasing. Maybe you are one of them. But your parents and friends urge you to do get marriage. Then you will give up and have a date with a queue of unfamiliar […]

Weekday Wedding Ceremony—Money Saving Ceremony

Wedding ceremony needs to be supported by a lot of money, and no one can avoid to spending money when holding it. But you can cut the expense and save some money because you need them for the love campaign after the ceremony. In weekends, most people escape working and […]