How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress on a Budget

Prom night is one of the most special occasions in a teenager’s life. It’s an enchanting evening where girls get to doll themselves up with beautiful hair and makeup, and most importantly, the perfect prom dress. It’s an event in which teens get to feel like sophisticated adults as they […]

Best Proposals of All Times for the Prom Season

Prom season is just around the corner. It that’s magical time of the year where the students spend most of their time selecting their attire for the most awaited night of the year. Many students opt for a limo ride, while some of them ride with their partners. Usually, during […]

5 Adorable Trends for Flower Girl Dresses

The flower girl may be small, but her job certainly is a BIG ONE; she will lead the way down the aisle for you to walk upon. Her role is definitely unique, so don’t make her wear an ordinary dress. Your flower girl dress should be unique as well. Most […]

Vintage Wedding Dresses for Modern Day Weddings

Vintage wedding dresses still have their glamour to the current age. These traditional dresses had unique fashions and decorations. Therefore, making the vintage wedding dresses one of the best dresses a bride would love to wear today. The lace and beadwork are done in a special way which makes the […]

Why Short Wedding Gowns Are Raising in Popularity

Brides are obsessed with wearing long wedding dresses. The trend can change for ladies who wish to have a short wedding gown. The dresses are not common in many weddings but are ideal and acceptable.  Specialist wedding dress makers insist the wedding gown should bring out the best of you […]

How to Care for Dance Shoes

How to care for dance shoes

  Dance shoes are expensive and require good care. When buying your dance shoes, there are factors you consider like longevity, support, and protection. To achieve all the factors, in return you should learn how to repair, store, clean and even how and when to wear your pair of shoes. […]

How to Shop for a Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

The hustles and bustles of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. It’s even worse for a bride who needs a plus size wedding dress. Finding an elegant and cheap wedding gown should not be a hustle. Your plus size body is beautiful, and it only requires the perfect gown for […]

Tips for Getting Perfect Wedding Gowns

Introduction It is understandably quite a big task to get the perfect match from a wide variety of wedding gowns in the market. The worst part is that you are being overwhelmed by issues making perfect plans and most likely by the excitement that your big day is fast approaching. […]

Why You Must Make Right Choices When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

The choice of bridesmaid dresses should be a key factor to any couple planning a wedding as this can lead to a great mess if not well put into consideration. Try and picture having a well-dressed bride surrounded by poorly dressed bridesmaids. We all need that perfect match.   It […]

Guidelines for the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dresses

Gone are the days when the bride’s mother had to wear frumpy, conservative and matronly traditional dresses with a big corsage that made her look like the bride’s grandmother. The mother of the bride dresses have changed over the centuries and the modern mum wants to look glamorous, stylish and […]