Bridal Fashion Week – The Latest Wedding Trends For Brides

The days seem to pass by too fast. While doing other stuff and thinking about the next year is still too far, you will notice it is already the next year. And, the fact is that new bridal collections are already here. Some of them are pretty fantastic while all of the bridal trends for this year are stunning! Some of them are blasts from the past (‘90s silhouette, crop tops, and sheer fabrics, I am looking at you), while some were developed for this season exclusively.

Bridal Week Fashion 2019: Ruffles and Shades of Blue

We have chosen some of our favorites for you to see. A little warning for all brides-to-be: they are all fabulous but try everything that you think would suit you the best. Let’s start!

Shades of Blue

A touch of blue color on the runway shows was unexpected and beautiful. If you are thinking about adding a splash of colors on your wedding gown, then let it be sky shades of blue. It will transform your dresses into wonderful and Sleeping Beauty-like ones.

This fantastic dress has actually won the eyes and hearts of the people. A captivating sweetheart neckline, a defined waistline, and a flattering ruffled skirt – these are just some of the shown details that are eye-catching. The shade of blue perfectly creates a wow-factor as it fades into the skirt.

Enormous Ball Gowns

For bridal designers, there was only one rule this year – the bigger, the better. Ball gowns were huge, but that only made them fabulous and more interesting. They seem like classic, Disney-inspired dresses that every bride-to-be should try.

Bridal Fashion Week Features Enormous Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A combination of a flattering off-the-shoulder neckline, a huge ball gown skirt, a fascinating long train, and a shiny fabric make this dress perfect for the fairytale-themed wedding. Choosing a different color like ivory or champagne for a ball gown dress would fabulously create a lasting impression.

Ruffle Skirts

Who doesn’t love ruffles? They look amazing. This year, the ruffle trend sneaks into the bridal world as well. So, you have wonderful skirts made completely of ruffles that cascade one after the other. They follow the movement but don’t add volume. When you mix lace and ruffles, you get a fairytale wedding gown.

Vintage plus modern fashion creates this beautiful bridal dress. Lace ruffles over the plain fabric ruffles surround the dress in all the right places – bust area, thighs, knees, and the hem. The ones in the bust area excellently emphasize the off-the-shoulder neckline that offers a bold look.

Shimmer Alert

Winter brides alert – you better let your dresses shimmer this season! Head to toe sequins, pearl embroidery, and shimmer materials sneak into the bridal fashion world. If you ask us – we would love them to stay there!

Bridal Fashion Week Features Shimmering Bridal Gown with a Dainty Train

Simply glamorous! Shimmery fabric excellently brands this fabulous dress. Without any other decorations apart from the not so noticeable beads on the neckline, this sparkling bridal dress will create a magnificent statement.


A lot of metallic, silver, gold, and rose wedding dresses were seen in this fashion week. If you like to add a bit of glamorous metallic vibe to your wedding then opt for a dress that will make you shine down the aisle!

A trendy off-the-shoulder style, an enormous ball gown skirt, and a metallic gold fabric – a combination of all these designs this breathtaking bridal gown.

Feathers Everywhere

Feather details seem perfect to add to your wedding dress. They are more than present in trends for the next season. Whether the white feathers are only at your neckline or they cover your whole skirt, you will look attractive like a beautiful swan covered in lovely feathers.

Bridal Fashion Week 2019: Feathers Everywhere for an Attractive Look Like a Beautiful Swan

A brilliant style with a plunging V-neckline and a high front slit offers a dreamy and a bold look. Feathers and sequins fabulously complement the dress, giving a wow-factor.

High Necklines

You got to love high necklines, especially if they are made of the finest lace. You can choose this kind of neckline for winter and early spring weddings. They are ideal for church wedding ceremonies as well.

Bridal Fashion Week: High Neckline Bridal Gowns

High neckline, long sleeves, and delicate long train – these lovely features extend a sense of modesty while offering an elegant look. With the fantastic lace styling the dress from the neckline to the hem, flower headpieces can be worn to match.

Wedding Pants

For all pants-person out there, here is the biggest news from bridal fashion week – now you can wear pants to your wedding! Since Chiara Ferragni has done it, everyone lost their minds about rompers and pants instead of ball gowns. You can now go with a suit or a dress over your pants.

New Look - Wedding Pants at the Bridal Fashion Week 2019

The pair of wedding pants, matched with the strapless top and gorgeous heels, looks so comfortable and luxurious.

Thoughts for the Bride: The bridal fashion week only shows the up-to-the-minute designs and it does not mean to say that you have to change your dream wedding dress to what’s new. However, if you haven’t decided yet on which bridal gown to wear on the big day, then these new trends and styles can help with your decision.

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