Top Boho-Chic Dress Ideas Perfect for the Party

Bohemian style

What is The Bohemian Style and Why it’s So Popular?

Bohemian style is a fashion style that is related to the hippie, an alternative way of wearing clothes. Boho is more than a fashion trend that comes and goes. It represents a culture that is here for more than two hundred years. This style comes with a strong ideology and a long and complicated history. Are you intrigued to know more?

Bohemian style origins come from France, connected to the bohemians, a counterculture that appeared after the French Revolution. Since the social climate has changed, the people then called bohemians were dressing into cheap, worn-out clothes, and were living kind of nomadic lifestyle. The style referred to artists, writers, and certain eccentric intellectuals.

These artists were dressed similarly to gypsies from Balkan and Eastern Europe areas, in a region called Bohemia. That is how actually this ideology got its name.

By the 1830s, French artists that invented the bohemian movement embraced clothing with medieval vibes, orient-inspired pieces that are colorful, and combined them with a lot of accessories, long hair, and wide hats.

The Aesthetic movement presents a big part of bohemian history. That is when the boho became an ideology. Bohemians fight against stiff corsets and crinolines. They wanted people to embrace a new lifestyle, relaxed clothing, and orient-inspired designs.

Boho ideology was tightly connected with the hippie movement back in the 1960s. Long and wide dresses, long hair, fringe, voluminous hairstyles, and skirts, as well as colorful materials, were getting popular among hippies.

So, yes, bohemian is such a popular style and no surprise there! A quick lifestyle as we are living today requires us to wear comfortable clothes that are made of good quality materials. That is why we should all have something boho in our closets.

What Are the Signature Elements of Bohemian Style Dresses?

Bohemian dresses are perfect for all seasons, but the fact is that they are the most suitable for summertime. Maxi dresses with lace and patchwork details, made of lightweight materials are kind of a trademark of boho style.

Look for relaxed, A-line cuts that are loose and casual. Sleeves are usually big, puff, and bishop styled. They will enhance your shoulders, as well as the neckline. Boho style dresses are usually with an off-the-shoulder neckline, but you can also find regular ones or the ones with deep V-necks and square necklines.

Embroidery, lace, patchwork, and different colors are the must-have element of a bohemian dress. You can’t see a plain color dress that has a boho vibe. It has to be made of good quality materials that are colorful, mixed prints, and most of all, interesting.

The Current Trends of The Boho-Chic Dress

Boho is one of those styles that are not changing so much. However, every year, some of the bohemian influencers, like Olsen sisters, Nicole Richie, or Sienna Miller, shows us how to wear boho in a new, trendy way.

Wrap Floral Dress

Polyester With Print Midi Dress
ID: 237907

The floral print is tightly connected to the bohemian style. You can find many boho-inspired dresses with wrap cut and ruffle hems.

White Lace Dress

Polyester With Lace/Solid Maxi Dress
ID: 238150

White lace boho dresses are more than beautiful. Many women choose them for their big day, as wedding dresses. You can wear a white lace dress in summer, with cowboy boots. Layer many necklaces and bracelets.

Paisley Print Dress

Polyester With Print/Slit Maxi Dress
ID: 222751

Pink is a bright color that enhances the beauty of this bohemian dress. The famous paisley print is known as boho print as well. Sleeves are not too short, with the ruffle hem.

Brown Dress with Polka Dot Print

Polyester With PolkaDot/Slit Maxi Dress
ID: 222406

Brown is a perfect color for styling. It goes with almost everything. When you add a lovely polka dot print and a high split, you get a fantastic boho dress that is perfect for daily wear.

Patchwork Dress

Polyester With Print/Slit Maxi Dress
ID: 229011

Patchwork is another typical print for bohemian clothing. Earth-toned patchwork printed dress is everything you will need this year.

How to Get the Right Boho-Chic Style to Fit You

Boho-chic style is just an updated bohemian way of wearing clothes. They are both inspired by hippie aesthetics, combining retro and vintage elements. So, you were wondering – how boho clothes can suit you?

You must be aware of the fact that boho clothes are all about comfort, wide cuts, loose styles, and oversized items. Basic silhouettes, as well as clean-cut lines, don’t actually fit the bohemian style definition.

If you are looking for a loose fit, you will definitely find it in bohemian wardrobe. You can enhance your waist by adding some interesting belt. Make balance by adding layers. Maxi dress, short knit or shorts, and long knit sweater.

Accessories can serve as head-turners from parts of your body that you don’t want to show off. Always say yes to rustic, pom poms, tassels, lace, and ribbon fringes.

How to Wear Boho Dress for the Party

Even though boho might sound like something you can’t wear for many occasions, rather than casual, it is not like that. There are many boho-chic dresses that you can style for a party. These are our suggestions.

Boho for After Work Party

Floral pink boho dress for party
ID: 237756

Yes, you can even wear a maxi boho dress to party! Nowadays, many street style brands have managed to make boho more elegant, without losing its charm. This lovely pinkish floral dress is midi, which makes it perfect for a party after working hours. Little pom poms on the hem are simply adorable.

Boho for the Summer Party

Polyester With Print Above Knee Dress
ID: 238192

This dress makes everyone look at you. These colors, the cut, and the pattern – what a combination! The dress is above the knee, with cold-shoulder sleeves and V-neck. We suggest you wear it for a rooftop summer party.

Boho for Casual Party

Cotton With Print Maxi Dress
ID: 222179

Maxi dresses are perfect for casual party wear. You don’t need to think about pairing your shirt and pants – the boho dress will make you look great. This one is in neutral shades, yet with eye-catching bohemian print and off-shoulder design.

Boho for the Beach Party

ID: 238184

Beach parties are perfect for showing off your bohemian looks. Don’t hesitate to wear a lot of jewelry, wooden shoes, and straw bags. With this dress, you will surely feel more than comfortable and absolutely boho-chic.


Boho is an ideology that won’t go out of style. It is the way of living, and we absolutely love it. Boho dresses should definitely find a place in your wardrobe.

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