Best Robes Ideas for Your Bridal Party

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If you would like to have Insta-worthy photos that will get hundreds of likes, then you should buy robes for your bridesmaids. Make those getting-ready moments even more memorable with matching robes that all your bridesmaids can keep.

Ever wondered how robe shopping would look like? We will take you through our short guide on how to pick the best robes for your bridal party.

Which Bridesmaid Robe to Choose?

Bridesmaid robes are not only comfy, but they are also the perfect gift for your girlfriends. Choose those that are interesting, add a tone of personal with monograms, and pick only the best materials – satin, silk, lace, and cotton. Here are our top finds for you.

Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Peachy satin bridesmaid robe
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Satin is one of those materials that are great for the skin. You can compare it to silk, yet it is more affordable. If you are buying silk robes for your bridesmaids, you can choose blank ones, with simple details.

The satin robe in champagne is great for brides that are traditional and classy. You can even match the color with your wedding dress.

Lace Bridesmaid Robes

Lace bridesmaid robe
ID: 220052

Where is lace there is romance? This fabric makes every piece of the garment look elegant and sophisticated. Choose delicate lace for your bridesmaids, and make sure it is put on the sleeves and hems of the robe.

This blush pink lace rob will surely be your favorite, as it is ours. Not only the fabric but also the shade and lace details make this robe really special for your wedding day.

Silk bridesmaid robes

Jewel-toned silk bridesmaid robe
ID: 176087

Silk is simply the best fabric for your skin. It looks wonderful not matter if you are wearing a slip dress or a robe. There are many colors you can choose, with or without lace details – the choice is only yours.

Jewel-toned, dark plum robe made of silk will be a perfect choice for fall and winter wedding preparations. You can do monograms on the back or ask for a blank one.

Floral Bridesmaid Robes

Floral bridesmaid robe

The floral print is eternal. It is such a classic print you need to have among your items. If your wedding theme allows it, make sure to pick floral silk or satin robes for your bridesmaids.

Silk personalized robe has a wonderful floral print with a touch of gold. It is all in pink shades that will enchant your bridesmaids. They will adore wearing this robe even after the wedding.

Ruffled Bridesmaid Robes

Ruffled bridesmaid robe in emerald green
ID: 163420

There is nothing bad in adding some ruffles to the bridesmaids’ robes. They are always present, making every rob looks authentic and gorgeous.

If you want your photos to be on fire, then select this emerald green ruffled robe for your bridesmaids. Your Instagram will be full of comments.

Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

Bridesmaid robe made of cotton
ID: 174563

The cotton bridesmaid robe is always a good choice. You can be sure it will be a great fit for everybody. You can choose it with or without any details.

We suggest going with a simple yet sophisticated cotton robe with lace details on sleeves and hems. There are a few natural and pastel shades that you can pick, depending on your wedding theme.

Personalized Bridesmaid Robes

Personalized bridesmaid robe
ID: 220062

Add a bit of personal when you pick bridesmaids robes. You can ask for their names or initials to be engraved in the back or front.

The burgundy robe with gold lettering is simply gorgeous and looks so elegant and chic. This is one of those gifts your bridesmaids will keep forever.

Tips to Choose the Right Bridesmaid Robes

If you have opted for bridesmaids’ robes, then you should keep in mind these things as well. Some of those tips are crucial to remember.

①When to Give your Bridesmaid Robes

If you are buying online, the best option is to arrange the delivery one month before the wedding. That is how you will have time to give your bridesmaids the robes, change them if not suitable or even return them if you are not satisfied. You can gift the robes during the bachelorette party or organize an event especially for that.

②The Color of Bridesmaid Robes

The color of bridesmaids’ robes is completely your choice as a bride. However, you can keep some things in mind.

Buy the robe that is distinct from others from you, so you will be recognizable as a bride. Make colors complement the wedding theme. You can match the shades of the same color for all your bridal party members – maid of honor, mother of the bride, etc.

③Check The Style and Length

While there are a few styles of robes, you can choose the one that you personally like, that your bridesmaids will be happy to wear, and last but not least, that will match with the theme. No matter if you pick wrap, spa, or kimono robes, make sure you will all like them.

When it comes to length, you should find a robe that is not dragging on the floor, yet not barely covering your back. If it is possible, try to ask your bridesmaids for their sizes, so you can keep them in mind when buying. The length should be at least 32, 33 inches.

④What to Wear Under Bridesmaid Robes

If your budget allows it, you can even consider buying matching lingerie for your bridesmaids to wear under. They will get an awesome gift that they can keep and wear every day.

You can also find it very handy. After the ceremony, you can just put a robe, lingerie, or a nightgown in a bag and go with your partner to the honeymoon.

⑤Consider the Details of the Robes

Robes might look like there are no details or anything on them that can bother you.  However, before purchasing, make sure to know everything about the details. Does it have lace details and where? What about belt loops or pockets – are there any?

You can read the reviews under and see if the robes are short or long, if the details are well done, or if you would have to buy something extra like belts.

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