Best Proposals of All Times for the Prom Season

Prom season is just around the corner. It that’s magical time of the year where the students spend most of their time selecting their attire for the most awaited night of the year. Many students opt for a limo ride, while some of them ride with their partners. Usually, during the prom, two lucky students get to wear a crown for a queen and a king and they are the center of the attention throughout the night. Do not miss on this amazing night, as you are going to miss it once you grow up and look back in time. It is that time of the year when the boys buck up the courage to propose their lady love. They start planning the special night ages before. Most often, the boys take the easy way out and just say, “Will you go the prom with me?” However, there are some guys who like to make everything special and make history by coming up with a unique and best prom proposals.

Examples of Best Prom Proposal for the Prom Season

Cornacchia is a firefighter, and the way he proposed to his girlfriend surprised us all. Standing on the ladder truck of the Fire Department, with a big banner saying, “Brittany T. PROM?” Hanging halfway in the air, he yelled, “Is it a YES?” Obviously, the answer was a yes, it might have been a yes, no matter who the girl was because Cornacchia’s way of proposing was just amazing.

Jason Pitt, a songwriter, and a musician proposed to his classmate by writing a song written for her. Lianna was so surprised when she heard the choir singing for her, that she immediately accepted the proposal.

Get some ideas from these amazingly creative boys, and don’t let your prom proposal be a simple one- let it make history like the ones you just read about.

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