Beautiful veils for your big day

How to choose and to wear the veil beautifully in your big day? Here are some tips about choosing and wearing veils:

Firstly, the length of the veil needs to match with that of your wedding dress.

If you choose a floor length wedding dress, you could wear a veil of 9-13 feet which will make your dress much royal and formal. But if you have chosen a long train dress, you’d better not choose a veil that is too long. Usually, long train dresses will be embellished from waist and hips to the bottom. Thus, a long veil will cover these embellishments. You could choose a veil just above your waist.

beautiful veils for your big day
beautiful veils for your big day

Secondly, veils of one layer and multiple layers have different effects.

These two style veils could present different feelings. Short, multiple layers veils are suitable for lovely and petite brides and could make their faces smaller visually. But for full brides, these will only make their top too big.

Single layer veils are almost suitable for every bride. And what’s more, this kind of veils could produce a visual effect of lengthening brides’ full bodies.

You also need to take your hair style into consideration when you are choosing veils. You’d better choose a concise veil to match with a complicated hair style. Otherwise, you could wear a quite delicate veil and let it be the visual focus.

Thirdly, the position wearing the veil should match with your hair style and your figure.

How could you wear a veil rightly? You need to wear it according to your hair style and your figure. If you are a little short, you’d better not wear the veil in a too low position which will make you shorter visually.

If you just like your hair hanging down naturally, you should wear the veil on the top of your head, which could create a magical atmosphere of a princess.

Remembering these basic tips of choosing and wearing veils, you could make the big day much more perfect.

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