Affordable Bridesmaids Gift Ideas for your Bridal Party

Your bridesmaids are a special group of ladies who have been by your side from the start. Choosing who to bestow the honor of being a bridesmaid with is a task that takes time and consideration. Your wedding day offers the perfect opportunity to show each member of your crew how much you appreciate her presence in your life.

Putting together a wedding is expensive, and while you may want to shower your bridesmaids with all the expensive things they deserve, it’s best to save some money by giving creative and thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank. To help you out, we put together a list of super-thoughtful, super-affordable bridesmaids’ gifts, all for $50 or less.

Pamper Your Pals

For friends who like to be pampered, there are plenty of quality options out there. Look for things like sugar scrub sets, bath sets, nail polish sets, lipstick charms, makeup brush sets and robes. When choosing colors, consider each girl’s individual style. Choose high-quality items that come wrapped in appealing packaging.

Give Something Yummy

What girl doesn’t love receiving yummy gourmet treats? If you want to give some yummy gifts, choose items like gourmet or liquor-infused cupcakes, cocoa gift baskets that come with mugs and hot chocolate or bottles of rosé, champagne or wine.

Add a Personal Touch

There are plenty of timeless and trendy personalized gift options out there for under $50. Go for items like personalized compact mirrors, engraved jewelry, jewelry boxes or jewelry holders. If you’re thinking of getting jewelry, search for sterling silver or stainless steel items that won’t leak on skin.

Give Something Useful

Some ladies love getting gifts that they can use throughout the season or year. For pals who prefer gifts that they can use, look for quality candles, pashmina scarves, quilted gloves, phone-charging clutches or fashionable headphones. All of these items can be found online for under $50.

Where to Shop

JJsHouse is a perfect source of high quality gifts to affordable prices, we carry a large range of different fun items, many being personalized which makes it more special. Etsy and Amazon are great sources as well being the top two places to shop for all the gifts listed above. Etsy is ideal for personalized gifts, while Amazon is a goldmine for useful gifts and pampering sets. For edible and alcohol-based gifts, it’s best to check local shops and bakeries. Though there are online liquor shops and bakeries that will deliver quality items.


If you can’t decide on just one item for each of your bridesmaids, get creative by putting together your own gift baskets or gift sets. If you have spare time and a creative flair, there are also many DIY gift ideas that you can make yourself, which will save you the most money and give the biggest personalized touch.

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