A Guide For Choosing Best Sandals For Summer

Summer sandals in beige shades

It is that time of the year again. The weather is becoming hotter and hotter, and you feel like the phrase ‘less is more’ couldn’t be more accurate at the moment. So, make sure your pedicure is ready, and prepare for nice, sunny days and even nicer summer sandals.

We will help you choose the best sandals for summer. They are all stylish, but comfortable in the first place. From the ones that are trendy hot at the moment, to the classic models – we got them all covered. Moreover, we will share some tips for buying the right size and how to deal with hurt feet. Shall we start?

Popular Sandals Styles

From styles that come around every year, as slips or thongs to the ones that are popular at the moment like clogs – you can choose between many different models. We have covered the best ones.

Slip Sandals

Slip or slide sandals are simply – classic. You can wear them all day long, with many different outfits and not feel bored. They are always the right fit, whether they are made of leather, suede, or they have metallic additions.

Women's Leatherette Stiletto Heel Sandals Pumps Slippers shoes

From the most popular Birkenstock to Adidas – the range of different styles is huge. Also, if you opt for more elegant styles, go for brown snakeskin or animal print leather.

Clog Sandals

The newest obsession of the It-girl squad are clog sandals. They are definitely not new, but a style that we have certainly forgotten about. The classic wooden sole and interesting and unique buckle straps will attract you to buy a pair for summer.

Women's Leatherette Wedge Heel Sandals Pumps Peep Toe Slingbacks With Rivet shoes

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator or caged sandals, as they are also called, are one of those sandals that help you create perfect summer outfits. If you pick ones with caged front, you don’t have to worry if your pedicure is not fresh!

Women's Leatherette Flat Heel Sandals Flats With Buckle shoes

On the other hand, you can choose high heel or open front gladiators that will definitely be your favorite summer shoes.

Flip Flop aka Thong Sandals

Flip flops are one of the most popular styles of shoes. Everyone has even one pair of these sandals in their closets, for sure. Not a surprise since there are so many ways you can style flip flops and wear them on different occasions.

Women's PU Flat Heel Flats Peep Toe Slingbacks With Rhinestone shoes

This summer pick flip flop sandals with rhinestones and other embellishments. Always go for comfort first.


Espadrilles are probably the most iconic shoe style. They are trendy every summer, so if you don’t already have a pair in your closet, now it is the time to get one. The ones with bows or wedge will instantly make you feel like you are on a seaside vacation.

Women's Suede Wedge Heel Sandals Peep Toe With Buckle shoes

You can wear these sandals with a striped button-down dress or ruffle lace tops and culottes.

Lace-Up Sandals

Whether they are laced-up right above the knee or at the side of your ankle, lace-up sandals are definitely worth the hype. They can be really a statement piece that you can wear for many different occasions. You can find both flat and heeled ones.

Women's Suede Fabric Chunky Heel Sandals Pumps Peep Toe With Lace-up shoes

We suggest going for colored leather sandals or the ones with an interesting heel.

Well-Heeled Shoe

The benefits of wearing heels are probably known to everyone. Heels force your body to change, your hips and chest to get out and they keep your shoulders back. Heels also add that confidence feeling that you have been looking for. But, what heel to pick when buying summer sandals?

Espadrilles come with wedges or platform heel that is very comfortable but also always in style. Wedge heels are easy to walk in, while the platform provides comfort and style at the same time.

On the other hand, kitten heels are low and have a certain vintage look. They are very popular though due to their wearable height. Block heels are far chunkier than stiletto heels and way more comfortable.

Consider What Occasion You are Wearing Sandals To

Surely, not all sandals are suitable for all occasions. For instance, you won’t be wearing flip flops for a job interview, but you also won’t be wearing high heeled lace-ups to the beach. Always have the occasion in mind. If you need to stand for a long period of time, consider wearing something comfy, like wedges or block heels.

Women's Leatherette Chunky Heel Sandals shoes

Buy The Right Size

Sandals that are too big are not good neither for you or anyone else. It is also a hard thing to spot, unlike when your sandals are small.

Your sandals shouldn’t slip off when you walk – if they do they can cause you to stumble or even fall. Moreover, they can change your posture since you are forced to adapt to them. 

Some will advise you to go a size bigger when buying shoes. This might be a good thing, especially in summer, when your feet can feel swollen. However, be careful – pick only a size bigger if its necessary.

Sandal troubleshooting

We all have that situation in life. We buy a perfect pair of summer sandals, trendy, and pairable with any outfit. Then, reality hits us – they start to squeak. What to do? You can try a few different things. The baby powder comes in handy for this problem. Simply shake it on the inner sole. You can also try petroleum jelly or rub the sole with a dryer sheet.

Hurt feet are definitely something you don’t need in your life. Wrong sized sandals can cause your feet to hurt, but also non-podiatric soles, tightness, and heels. If your sandals hurt your feet try to reduce friction. Try inserting shoe pads, or toe protectors. Some old methods also say that oiling your shoes a bit helps.

Cracked heels not only cause discomfort but also look bad when you are wearing sandals. The best way to solve cracked heels is with special creams that you should apply before sleep and wear socks. 

Gel Heel Liners Accessories


Hopefully, this guide helped you pick your perfect sandals for summer. Prepare on time, get rid of that cracked heels, and do your pedicure. Is it summer already?

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