4 Important Tips for the Mother of the Bride Dresses

First of all, congratulations, your little angel is getting married soon. It is one of the most important days of her life, and she would want her mother to be dressed like a queen. Make her day more special by selecting a mother of the bride dress for yourself that she will adore.

Follow the tips mentioned below and bring a smile on your daughter’s face;

1. Start Early

Traditionally, when you are shopping for your daughter’s dress, you should look out for yours too. The recommended time is around six months earlier. This will provide you enough time to find something you love.


2. Keep in Mind the Wedding Colors

Although most often, the mother-of-the-bride usually wears the same color tone as the daughter, there is no hard and fast rule for that. The key here is to make sure your dress matches the colors of the wedding. Some colors to consider are blush, chocolate brown, metallics, and navy.


3. Think Stylish Mother of the Bride Dresses

You don’t want to end up stealing the day from your daughter, but, that does not mean you should dress up frumpy and sloppy. The dress you select should match the formality of the wedding.

4. Consider Logistics

Considering the logistics is an important factor. Consider the time, the setting, the month the wedding is to take place. Is the wedding taking place inside or outside? These things will make it easier to choose the right dress.
Don’t let your daughter’s wedding go by without looking your best. Get your hair and makeup done and try to relish each moment of the wedding. Most of the times, the mothers-of-the-brides neglect themselves, don’t be among them. Visit, JJS House now and see their Mother of the Bride Dress collection. You won’t come back empty-handed.

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