The 5 Most Common Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Having a fashion sense does not mean you are smart and elegant. Clothes describe your character likes and dislikes. How do you shop for your clothes? Buying what is in fashion is a leading fashion mistake to avoid always. You should first know your body shape and if the clothes will fit correctly one you wear them. Some leading factors influence people to change to different fashions which include peer, a craze for fashion or competition.

Avoiding Fashion Mistakes

People like being told they look elegant in their new clothes. To get such a compliment to let us look at some common fashion mistakes here.

Craze for Fashion

Some people don’t like being left out of any new fashion in the market. Not all trends are right for you. Sometimes designers try out specific clothing for specific body outlines and age group. Such desperate measures will ruin your day when you end up with a dress not right for you.  Avoid the craze and wait for your season to come.


Friends are a real pressure to some of our daily activities. Such fashion mistakes occur when there is an occasion to attend, and there is a marked dressing code. Do you need to have a uniform dressing code? Always have ample time to select from the stores what is right for you. Try out the outfit before the event and make proper adjustments if necessary.


Competition is terrible and arrogant idea in fashion. Again, what looks fabulous on your friend may turn you into a clown. Several elegant clothes will give the correct image of you. It is advisable to seek an honest opinion from the shop attendant before purchasing the dress. If you are shipping the dress, ask your designer for his or her advice.

Price Reduction

Do not just buy any clothes from the store because there is a price slash on items. First, consider if the dress is a perfect fit for you and goes well with your body outline. Also, think about the amount of money you are about to spend on such item and if you can get something fashionable on fewer bucks. Clearance sales are common traps for people who love dressing without checking out on what is right for them.


Mixing Different Fashions

Each has its season. Do not want to look the know it all in by wearing three different styles at once. Gracefully wear what is appropriate for that day and wait for the next to show off the new wardrobe. Also, avoid animal prints that do not match or colours that are off each other.


There are no designated dressing rules. You need to know accessorizing a style gone wrong may proof complex. Therefore, try being simple in every fashionable dress you choose and buy the right accessories. Also, reduce on accessories to avoid more mistakes on your day out. These ideas apply to both formal and casual clothing.

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