Month: December 2011

How to reserve your wedding dress?

After the wedding ceremony, most of us will reserve the wedding dresses for the rest of our life. But the reservation of wedding dress is quite different from that of other special garments. Here are some tips for cleaning and protection of wedding dresses: Different fabrics have different reservation methods. […]

Right Bra for the big day

The wedding ceremony is an important event for a bride. Every detail accounts. You need to choose a right bra for the big day. Daily worn bras of 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup and full cup are all have slight shaping functions. They are fit for fashionable brides who have obvious […]

Wedding dresses-concise but never common

With faster and faster pace of life, the wedding dresses are going to be more and more concise. Simple and elegant wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular for working women. They live in a tense and effective life style. So they would like dresses that could show their […]

How could wedding garments match with complexion?

With different complexion, brides have to choose different garments accordingly. Here are some tips to choose garments for different colors of skin:   1. Fair skin You could choose garments in pink. And in order to avoid a sense of inharmonic, you’d better not choose some heavy colors, such as […]

How to choose the color of groomsman and bridesmaid garments?

It is important to choose suitable garments for groomsman and bridesmaid. Firstly, the style should not be too exaggerated. Secondly, the colors should not be too outstanding. Otherwise, they will steal the thunder in the wedding ceremony. Here we will talk about garments in three most popular colors. 1. Tips […]