Month: September 2011

Points of Mother of the Bride Dresses

When we are going to hold our wedding, we will choose our dress carefully, but we usually forget to help our parents choose their dress. In fact, parent’s dress, special mother of the bride dresses, because mother of the bride is another light spot in the wedding. Wedding is a […]

Designed Bridesmaid Dresses

Like the fashion trends, the bridesmaid dresses have different types and fabrics. One of the most valuable reference bases is the bridesmaid’s temperament; on the other hand, her body size is very meaningful. Which kind of designed bridesmaid dresses is just the one to choose for your wedding? If your […]

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Do you have experienced as a bridesmaid? Do you know which blue bridesmaid dresses suit you? Have you been puzzled for a long time? So many questions may be around of you. I am very glad to tell you these answers. It is very difficult for bridesmaids to choose a […]

Little Black Dresses

The mysterious allure of the little black dress Lead: the little black dress has become the representative of fashion and elegance by its simple and effective cut art and the use of a variety of special materials. It can be a classic single dress and it can be changed to […]

Prom Dresses

What we can wear to match with the prom dresses? Most of the time, we wear something to match with the sequin prom dresses to make us look perfect, so what we can choose? Decorations We can choose the high quality decorations like peal, sapphire, emerald and diamond, including the […]

Bridesmaid Dresses

Here are some tips for the collocation of bridesmaid dresses. 1. It is high recommended for the junior bridesmaid not to bring jewelry, wear headwear, and should wear a white skirt if the bride is dressed in champagne bridesmaid dresses. Or in other words, keep in the same dressing style […]

Evening Dresses

It is a dream that many ladies own evening dresses, not just one, but many. Not matter it is needed for banquet activities or put it at home, they always enjoy it. Even it is called halter evening dresses or strapless dresses which are essential in the lives of women. […]

Flower Girls Dresses

I would like to talk about the following two topics here, flower children and flower girl dresses. How to choose flower children When selecting the flower children, two points should be kept in mind. First, the number of the babies should be even, two, four, or six. They can be […]

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Wedding is not only a ceremony but also is an impact in vision, because you can see a lot of beautiful dresses and gowns. The colors play very important roles in the wedding. First and foremost the colors should be coordinated. Today we are going to talk about how to […]

Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Nowadays, more and more people love to invite the junior bridesmaid who is around 10 years old of age to their wedding party, which makes junior bridesmaid dresses become more popular day by day. This bridesmaid usually is the one who carries the end of the gown. However, if the […]