Month: August 2011

Prince Georg’s Wedding Ceremony

On August 27th of 2011, the German Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia held a wedding ceremony in Potsdam Church. There were only a small number of guests attending the ceremony. As unorthodox royal members, the prince and the princess didn’t choose to hold a luxurious ceremony. And the whole […]

Weekday Wedding Ceremony—Money Saving Ceremony

Wedding ceremony needs to be supported by a lot of money, and no one can avoid to spending money when holding it. But you can cut the expense and save some money because you need them for the love campaign after the ceremony. In weekends, most people escape working and […]

Planning your wedding ceremony

How to make a good plan of your wedding ceremony? For it is your big day and you need it to be without any problems. Today we will introduce some tips for you to plan your wedding ceremony. 1. Know the scale of your wedding ceremony. You should know how […]

Vintage Feeling on Your Wedding Ceremony

In modern time, an increasing number of people tend to add fashionable feelings to their wedding ceremonies. If you want your wedding ceremony to be different, just go in the opposition and choose the vintage one. But how? Today we will give you some tips. Pleasebe ready to get what […]

A Perfect Plan for Your Honeymoon

After the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon will be the next thing you need to consider. There may be only one honeymoon in your whole life and it is necessary for you to make a perfect plan of it. Today we will introduce some points for you. Make a Budget You […]

Money-saving Wedding Reception

If you have ever participated in planning a wedding before, you can know how luxurious it is. But the wedding is a very important day of your life, so while you try to save money, high quality should also be taken into consideration. You can have a memorable wedding reception […]

Fabric of Dresses

Every bride wants to wear a beautiful dress on her wedding ceremony for that will keep the memory fresh in the rest of her life. Before choosing a wedding dress, as a bride, you should first know which fabric is good for yourself. Today we will introduce some points useful […]

Women’s Necessity-Pearls

Do you want to be more outstanding than other women? Pearls will do you a great favor. The luster and radiance of pearls has captured the hearts of many individuals. Almost every female are fond of wearing a string of pearls. Especially when you give it to your bride as […]

Choice of a Wedding Song

Choice of a Wedding Song Songs are popular in our daily life and the song is also necessary for a wedding ceremony. The guests need to relax themselves by enjoying the wedding song. Today we will teach you how to choose a perfect song for your wedding ceremony. Theme matched: […]

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are indispensible for a wedding ceremony. Many brides-to-be are very confused before picking the right wedding flowers out. Today we will introduce some points for you to choose right flowers. (a) To ensure safety of the flowers. No one would like to choose wilted flowers used for their […]