Month: July 2011

Proposal in Four Romantic Ways

There are many gentlemen making proposals to the ladies they love every day. You can make a proposal in different ways and each way can bring different effects. Today four romantic ways will be introduced and choose your own to express your love to your honey. Romantic proposal emerges in […]

The Ring on Different Fingers

Every couple like to wear rings but we should pay attention that wearing rings in different ways can tell different information. In daily life, wearing ring on different fingers has different meanings. Wearing ring on the thumb means that the ring can help you realize your dream and lead you […]

The Wedding Gloves

According to traditions, most brides tend to wear wedding gloves on their wedding ceremony. But a small number of brides keep themselves away from wedding accessory because they have a thought that wearing or taking off the gloves will be a big trouble for the ring on the finger. In […]

Your Wedding Vows

Wedding vows, which play an important role in your wedding ceremony, are some words you should said when you get married. You must feel excited and romantic when the vows come out of your mouth one by one firmly and solemnly. At that moment, the bride and the bridegroom can […]

Maternity Wedding Dresses

You may treat your wedding day as the most important day in your life. Most brides can have fit dress on themselves, and show the guests their charming beauty. But if you are pregnant, can you wear the beautiful wedding dress on that most important day and prove that you […]

Wedding guest book embellishes your wedding

Comparing with its monotonous look in the past, the wedding guest book has owned various styles. Silk cover, pulp cover and lace cover are three common covers of the attendance guest book. By seeing and touching these covers, you can definitely feel something different. Accompanied with satin knot and pearl, […]

Popular Beach Wedding Dress – The Goddess Gown

The beach is among the most romantic wedding locales. Beach weddings look casual despite of time and condition. In fact, a successful beach wedding is really a great triumph and that triumph will make you outstanding like shinning stars in the sky. The only thing you won’t have to worry […]

Lovely and Bright Colors for Your Wedding

In the year 2011, there’re new trends of the wedding colors. Have you decided which colors you prefer for your wedding? Lovely, powerful, strong, or classic? We’ll introduce the wedding color trends recently. Today we’ll show some lovely and bright colors for your reference. If you want your wedding in […]

How to Create Your Own Funny Vows

“I, William Arthur Philip Louis, take thee, Catherine Elizabeth to my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse: for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy law; […]

How To Save Money on Outdoor Garden Weddings

As we all know, outdoor garden weddings in warm seasons can be a little pricy. Flowers, decorations, good photographer, DJ or band, food… All of these preparations can cost much if you don’t know how to tighten your purse-strings. 1. Flowers. You can buy them at a local supermarket and […]