Month: April 2011

A Smaller Cake works as well

Are you still worrying about your wedding budget because it’s nearly out of range ? Here is another little tip for you. That is , a smaller wedding cake. Don’t be afraid that a mini-cake would reveal your pocket embrassment. According to most real cases, people do not acctually eat […]

Sheath wedding dresses highlighting bride contour

The once-in-a-lifetime wedding should really impress yourself and the guests. So how can you select a perfect wedding gown for yourself? Well, a sheath wedding dress can be a good option to you. This sheath wedding dress looks elegant. The strapless style and the lace halter band make it look […]

Six kinds of wedding dress sleeves making you stunning

The sleeve of a wedding dress can be outstanding to a wedding gown. Though a strapless wedding dress is popular among brides because it can show the sexy shoulder and collarbone of the bride, a wedding gown with special designed sleeves can show your individuality and even cover the deficiency […]

How to Choose a Color for the Bridesmaid Dresses

Due to the fact that there are a rainbow of possibilities of choosing the color for the bridesmaid dresses, here are some tips for how to pick a color that is right for both you and your bridesmaids. 1. Make sure you pick a color you like. After all, you’ll […]

How to Do Alterations on a Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dresses need to fit as well as the bride’s dress. While a wedding is definitely the big day for the bride, the bridesmaids also have an important responsibility. And despite the stereotype about the bridesmaid dress, there is no reason why the bridesmaid should not look her absolute best […]