Month: February 2011


The bride’s bouquet is an important adornment on the wedding. Various flowers and styles can not only develop the different and special atmosphere but add beauty to the bride’s wedding gown. They can also cater for different kinds of theme weddings, like beach wedding, indoor luxurious wedding, grass wedding etc. […]

Brides Hairstyles

You are a bride-to-be but you’re still confused which hairstyle can fit your wedding dress perfectly? Of course, the hairstyle should match your wedding dress and also highlight your integrate image on your big day. Here we collect some kinds of hairstyle for you. Now go and have a look! […]

Jewels for the Strapless Dresses

Most of the sexy brides prefer to wear strapless wedding dresses which expose the shoulder and arms. And then how should they select the perfect jewelry for the dress to highlight their beauty? Of course, the best answer is the luxurious diamond necklace with feathers or pearls. The following are […]

Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s a big challenge for the bride to choose a dress coat already, let alone to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress. You should know that the bridesmaid can be very important on the wedding. Where there is the bride, there mostly will be the bridesmaid. Though the bridesmaid dress needs to […]

Six Whys

1. Why does the bride always stand on the left of the groom? In the ancient time, Anglo Saxon groom needed always stand out to protect his bride in case his bride was taken away by others. On the ceremony, the groom made his bride stand on his left. If […]

Four Kinds of Body Figure

The beautiful wedding dresses on the model may not be as suitable for us as the model. Only if we know our own body figure can we choose the most suitable wedding dress for ourselves. Here are the four basic body figures. Which kind can best describe you? Plump You […]