Real Party – Alexa from She’s Glitter and Gold

How do you define ‘Fashion’? “This is the toughest question to answer! I would define fashion as a means to express who you are on the day to day. It’s constantly evolving, and allows someone to reflect who they are on the inside to those around them.” What kinds of […]


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Real Party – Yael From LA

How do you define ‘Fashion’? Fashion are not just trends they are styles according to an individual’s taste and interest. I try to stay with styles that works for me. What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a party look. When I attend parties, Id like to […]

2018 Summer Trends: Best Summer Outfits for Women

The arrival of summer signals the start of a fresh, fun and comfortable wardrobe. It’s time to pack away all those neutral-colored heavy winter clothes and replace them with light and airy summer outfits. Whether you’re into long and flowy dresses, short and flirty skirts or conservative capris, summer is […]

Real Party – Evelyn Schmid

Dress ID: 93795 How do you define ‘Fashion’? “Fashion.. I think there is no correct way to describe it. For me it’s just to wear the things I like, to inspire, to show who I really am.” What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a party look. […]

In Full Bloom: Floral Wedding Details We Love

Whether you’re planning a rustic, modern or minimalist wedding, there’s one detail that simply cannot be left out: flowers. Floral wedding details are an essential part of any wedding. Not only do they look beautiful and help to add an elegant touch to the ceremony, they can also be used […]

How to Dress in Style Like Meghan Markle

Before making headlines as the next UK princess, Meghan Markle was already well-established around the world as a beloved American actress. She has appeared in dozens of television shows and films, so she’s no stranger to the spotlight. As any princess should, she has a style that’s all her own. […]

Real Party – Jenna Minnie

“I picked this elegant black dress, but you can easily switch to an adorable red or even a classy blue one. Most of their dresses come in a lot of different colours and that is a big plus. I hate it when I find a beautiful piece on a website, […]