Prom Dresses 2023
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  • Disney Princesses Inspired Outfits for Prom

    There aren’t many opportunities for you to dress like your favorite Disney princess. However, the best occasion for that is definitely your prom night. Prom night is a wonderful occasion for all high schoolers. It provides a perfect chance for you to wear a ball gown and dance like Cinderella. You can also channel your inner Belle, Ariel, or Aurora by picking some of these JJ’s House prom dresses. We have created some looks for you to get inspired and pick your favorite princess. Turquoise like Ariel Spa If you are a fan of Ariel, chances are that you are passionate, love adventure and that you like to explore new things. How to match your prom dress with all these features? With this gorgeous off-the-shoulder evening dress. This turquoise color will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. The dress’ material is very pleasant, and the chiffon that falls with a crisscrossed bodice looks amazing. You can match it with nude sandals and nice sparkly earrings. Finish everything off with a small clutch. Fuchsia Pink like Aurora Fuchsia Aurora is kind, beautiful, elegant, and gentle as a person. That is also how we can describe this prom outfit. It is not only in her favorite shade, fuchsia, but also it perfectly imitates the dress she is wearing in the movie. This ball gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline, lace bodice, and satin skirt will steal your heart when you try it. Also, it can help you win the heart of your prince or high school crush. Wear it with minimalistic jewelry and black strappy sandals. Lilac like Rapunzel Tahiti Rapunzel is such a nice and beautiful character. She is fearless and determined to change her destiny and go away from her tower. This gorgeous dress is great if you would like to channel your inner Rapunzel. The lace off-the-shoulder neckline and bodice are combined with chiffon that falls perfectly. Beading and sequins look so delicate, yet very effective. Wear it with shiny earrings and a clutch. Blue like Cinderella Sky Blue Cinderella might be one of the most popular princesses in the Disney world. She is known for her gorgeous blue dress, crown, and glass heels. Along with her warm heart, she is gentle and kind towards those that actually don’t like her. This dress has real princess vibes. The neckline is off-the-shoulder, with gorgeous white embroidery. The color of the dress will surely meet your expectations, especially if you want to look like Cinderella. Yellow like Belle Daffodil Her love for books and free-thinking attitude are what make Belle a gorgeous Disney princess. Many girls would like to be exactly like her. With a prom dress from JJ’s House, you can achieve the look. Daffodil is a wonderful shade for a dress. If you want to copy Belle, try this ball gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline and satin skirt. You can be sure that not only this color but the style of the dress will make you stand out from the crowd. Oriental Blue like Jasmine Spa Adding some oriental vibes into your prom look can only make it look unique. Just like Jasmin, this look is exotic, yet very appropriate for young girls and proms. Jasmine is fearless, having no time for people who belittle her. If you find yourself in these words, then you should go for the look. The spa is a mix of blue and turquoise colors that matches perfectly with this two-part prom dress. Gold details on the bodice as well as on the dress are what make this outfit exotic and very elegant. Light Blue like Elsa Light Blue Playful yet very responsible and calm, sometimes even reserved - these are the words you can use to describe Elsa. If you find yourself in them, then it is time to see a prom outfit inspired by her. Elsa is living her life in the winter castle. This prom dress with an asymmetric front reminds us of snow because of its unique shade - light blue. You can style it with silver jewelry, and finish it off with strappy sandals and a clutch in the same shade. Green like Tiana Celadon Tiana is a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone to do things for her. Her strong personality is mixed with intelligence and talent. Hardworking Tiana wears the most gorgeous dress in a beautiful green shade. Why don’t you give it a try for a prom night? This utterly elegant ball gown with an A-line cut and sparkly details will surely make you look like a princess. The waist is decorated with sparkly rhinestones, while the rest of the dress is sophisticated and very classy. Finish off the look with pair of earrings, alongside a necklace and a clutch.

  • GRWM before PROM night

    It’s almost the most magical time for teenagers. Prom nights are just around the corner. Those are definitely one of the biggest even in a life of a teenager. Alongside all the prom costs, from buying tickets, limo, and the dress, you need to think about hair, makeup, and nails. Should this be an extra cost or you can do something by yourself? We are here to tell you how you can get ready and look perfect in all your photos, regardless of your budget. This is a roundup of advice from hair, makeup, and nails. Create a good schedule and look amazing on your prom night. Nails Looking for a place to start with your prom GRWM? Nails are the best place to start since you can never be too early. There is nothing worse than looking at your hands and seeing the chunk of color missing, right? To avoid this, you should be careful and follow some of these tips. It is always a better idea to do your nails before actual prom night. Whether you are doing your nails at home or you need to make an appointment in the salon, do it before prom night. A few days before will be great, and you will ensure you won’t damage the nails. Applying an extra layer of topcoat is necessary. That is how your nails won’t chip or break before the big night. By doing your nails earlier, you will have just enough time to make corrections, if necessary. Avoid doing household chores, like washing the dishes and getting in contact with chlorine. Which Style to Pick? There are many styles to choose from, no matter whether you are doing your nails alone or in a salon. For a prom, we would always suggest a french manicure. It is a neutral, yet timeless style that matches any dress and your personal style. You can also go for styles that include accent nails. The most popular nails for accent are ring and pinky fingers. Hair You will be able to choose from many different hairstyles for your prom night. But the questions are popping out: when to do it? You will definitely have to deal with this part of prom preparation on the same day as the prom. Make sure to arrange everything in advance, so you will have time for makeup as well. If your prom is in the evening, around 6 or 7, then you should get your hair done around 1 or 2. You will be able to make some changes if needed, to go home, get dressed, do your makeup and go to the event without a rush. It is not recommended to make some drastic hair changes before prom night. What if you don’t like it? There won’t be enough time to change it again, and you will end up disappointed. However, you can do color touch-ups the week before, but ensure it is something you have already tried. Which Style to Pick? Voluminous curls can be easily made, yet they will turn any outfit into a glamorous and old-Hollywood style one. If your hair is medium or long, opt for big waves with a side part. It is absolutely easy to do this at home. You will need a curling wand and potentially a friend or a family member for those back hair sections. Half-up half-down hairstyles might be the most popular for the prom. Girls pick all those with braids, ponytails, or high and low buns. A curly half-up half-down can look elegant, yet appropriate for teenagers. Finally, going with long and straight hair can also be a thing. You can opt for a sparkly hair accessory and leave your hair natural. Makeup The makeup is the last thing you should do on prom night. You get dressed, do your hair, and then do the makeup. This step isn’t about applying makeup only but preparing your skin for the big night in your life. Taking good care of your skin weeks before the prom is crucial. Don’t experiment with new skincare products, but rather stick to the ones that suit you. Use gentle cleansers, and don’t forget to use face masks. Oil-free moisturizer should be used before putting on makeup as a primer. Do your makeup 45 minutes before the prom. You will look the freshest for the event if you do your makeup after nails and hair. Whether you are doing your makeup alone or with a pro artist, you should know what you want to achieve. Make sure the makeup works well with your skin tone and the style you are wearing for the prom. Whether you are choosing something neutral or bold don’t overdo with looks. Which Style to Pick? Achieving a natural look is perfect for teenage girls who are not wearing makeup often. Don’t think this is the invisible look. Choose this if your dress is sparkly or has a lot of detail. Start with the foundation, a bit of blush or bronzer, and add a highlighter on the top of your cheeks. For eye makeup, stick to a neutral eyeshadow palette. Blend all those colors and finish off the look with a few coats of mascara. Smokey eye is one of the most popular looks that you can try for your prom night. This certainly requires bolder shades, and more products, such as eyeliner. Blended eyeshadows in combination with eyeliner will look perfect. We hope that these tips will help you! However, the final look is still up to your own preference. Just make sure you're comfortable and beautiful at the ball. Enjoy a great night!

  • Prom Costs: How Much You Should Spend on Your Prom Night?

    While you think about which dress from JJ’s House to pick for your prom night, it is easy to forget about other costs. Not only the dress, shoes, makeup and hair but also extra costs like mani, pedi, or limo can cost a lot. That is why it is crucial to plan your budget on time and to set priorities. Even though budgeting for proms can vary from country to country and between regions, having a guideline is good. That is why we created this article, so you can get informed about prices and to teach you how to plan your budget ahead. How Much a Prom Can Cost in 2022? Believe it or not, prom costs can vary from $150 to even $2000. This definitely depends on where you live and what you want to include in your budget. Whether you want everything to be luxurious or you find creative ways to save money, you simply need to have some guidance about the budget. These are prom costs by the item that you can check out when planning your own budget. The Prom Dress Let’s start with the most interesting and the most important thing for girls - the prom dress. Dresses for prom can cost anywhere between $50 and $600. They are certainly one of the crucial things that you should spend your budget on, so it is important to know where to look for them. You should also consider extra alternations of the dress that can cost between $5 and $95, depending on the adjustment. Considering that some girls can’t afford super expensive dresses, we suggest looking at prom dresses from JJ’s House. We offer beautiful dresses for a reasonable price, made of exquisite materials and with gorgeous details. You can also think about grabbing a dress on a sale just after New Year's Eve or visiting thrift and second-hand shops. Some girls simply don’t know what to do with their prom dresses so they are giving them away right after the night is over. Prom Tickets The price of prom tickets is determined by the venue and the food. Usually, a chosen venue and prom tickets can cost between $50 and $120. Don’t wait too long to buy your ticket. This is definitely one of the things on your budget list that should be crossed early. Prom Shoes One of the things that you can either buy or use something that you already have is shoes. Prom shoes can cost between $20 and $100, but if you are short on budget, don’t worry. Simply look in your closet and you may find that forgotten pair from some past event that can actually match with your prom dress!   If you do want to buy shoes, make sure to divide the dress and shoes budget well. First, go for the dress and then buy the shoes, so you can coordinate both styles. Accessories and Jewelry Jewelry is a category where you can either splurge or save money. Depending on if you want to buy something new, or use something borrowed you can spend between $20 and $100. If you don't need to buy something, we suggest looking through your mom or grandmother's jewelry boxes and finding something that will complement your dress. Most clutches and prom bags cost around $10 and $80. If your dress doesn’t have pockets or you want to complement your prom look with a sparkly clutch, check out these gorgeous bags that we offer at JJ's House. Transportation (The Limo) As a part of the tradition, many people rent a limo. However, this is actually one of the biggest costs you can have for your prom. When you decide to hire a driver that can cost even $300 per hour! Different limo companies have different rules, and so some require a minimum four-hour rental. You should also think about splitting this cost with friends, and check with limo companies the maximum number of people that can go into a limo. Some alternatives can be quite interesting as the limo driver. You can rent a party bus with sound systems or simply share an Uber with friends. There is no need to go way beyond your budget just to rent a limo. Hair, Makeup, Nails, etc Planning the budget for hair, makeup, and nails can go up to $300. But, if you have a friend or a family member that can make your hair, do your makeup, or nails, simply go for this budget-friendly option. This will keep so much money in your pockets that you can use it for something else. Prom Flowers, Corsage Every girl needs a 'promposal'. Traditional corsages cost between $5 and $90, while boutonnieres are $5 - $30 each. When ordering flowers, make sure to do it on time, or opt for the more budget-friendly way of giving regular flower bouquets. Prom Photos Many people want to have photos from their prom night done by professionals. Depending on the photo size, quantity, and photographer you chose, this category might get pricey as well. You should count on a $25-$75 budget to spend on a photographer. On the other hand, you can always ask a friend to take photos of you, especially if you have a good smartphone camera.