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3/4-lång ärm Charmeuse Särskilda tillfällen Bolerojackor #013004078

Pris: SEK 432

Originalpriset: SEK 785  Sparer  SEK 354

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SEK 432
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Från Elizabeth 2011-12-08 01:40:33

Is it possible to make this jacket in 3/4 length sleeve (& without the flared sleeved)

Svar från JJsHouse 2011-12-08 01:54:34

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for contacting us.

As each item has its unique pattern here , we strongly recommend you to keep the original design. Also, that alteration may make it not so charming as the picture shows.Hope you can understand.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Från helen 2011-07-24 16:23:22

can the wraps be made in the larger sizes 18w or 20w. they are not an option in the drop down menus

Svar från JJsHouse 2011-07-24 20:20:15

Hi Helen,

Thank you very much for your mail.


Surely we can make this wrap in a 18w or 20w size but we need you togive us the following measurements:


Bust size: Measureacross the back and fullest part of the bust(not under the bust).

Shoulder toShoulder: From the edge of that shouder socket, measureall the way over tothe same point on the other shouder along the back.

Arm Length: Shoulde point towrist arm bent.

Bicep: Around arm the fullest part of the upper arm.


Please just place us an order and then write down your measurements at the special instructions column and we will know.


Hope we will have your orders soon. Please just let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Från tina 2011-06-01 07:34:47

what material is Wrap 013004078 made of?

Svar från JJsHouse 2011-06-02 02:21:28

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