Forme Princesse Seule-épaule Longueur genou Mousseline de soie Robe de demoiselle d'honneur avec Plissé À ruban(s)
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Forme Princesse Seule-épaule Longueur genou Mousseline de soie Robe de demoiselle d'honneur avec Plissé À ruban(s) #007000918

Prix: 83.70

Liste des tarifs: 150.29 €  Économisez  66.59 €

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83.70 €
4.8 (Basée sur les 85 commentaires)

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Par jnctgl 2016-10-15 20:13:10

This is a perfect dress for any shape or size!!


Par Karmin 2016-09-07 23:09:45

Great dress. Measurements were accurate and fast delivery

Par breana.boellner 2016-07-27 13:43:54 COMMENTAIRES ASSOCIÉS

This dress was wonderful! We were in a time crunch for bridesmaid dresses and I came across this dress and they arrived in time, and we got several compliments on them! True to size and great quality!


Par brenley.kai 2016-05-22 18:42:04

We were in a huge crunch to get these bridesmaid dresses and JJ's House totally came through. I even emailed explaining the time crunch we were in and how we needed them by a certain date. Someone wrote me back right away assuring me that the dress would come in on time - and it even came in a day earlier than they had told me!

The dress itself is very nice quality. I ordered a size 4, knowing it would be a little big (since there is no return policy, I wanted to err on the larger side). I had to have the top and waist altered a bit, but I think that the dress was probably a pretty standard size 4.


Par insomniaticmania 2016-04-10 03:30:15

Dress waa gorgeous! Fit very well. I'd suggest getting a size bigger and getting it tailored. It was a little longer than suggested in the picture, but it was awesome! The wedding was in February and it was thick enough to keep us warm without being too thick and being too hot during dancing! I got a 14 just to be safe and it fit really well!


Par Cnbrooks2 2016-03-13 04:45:29 COMMENTAIRES ASSOCIÉS

Purchased my dress with custom measurements and it fits like a glove. Perfect!


Par juanita81nini 2016-02-22 16:36:18

The dress was a good fit with my measurements. I am going to order a petticoat for the dress as it will fit better that way!


Par Ieisha Serles 2016-01-06 05:48:16

Loved this dress. It fit perfectly and arrived quickly!

Par Lucia A 2016-01-05 15:39:52

This dress surpassed my expectations. My mom encouraged me to order this dress and I was extremely hesitant ordering from an online store, as I've been burned in the past. However when opening the box, my jaw dropped. The quality of the dress is amazing, the fabric is high quality fabric and fit wonderfully. My only complaint is that I've since lost weight & cannot wear it until I get it thats a GREAT issue to have. Anyway, I ended up wearing this dress on two occasions, my engagement shoot with my fiance & then again for my bridal shower. I can't tell you how many compliments I received when wearing it & i absolutely loved that the dress has a built in bra (totally not expecting that). This company definitely has won me over & will have my business! I will be ordering my wedding reception/honeymoon dress from them and many more over the years!


Par mjimenez77 2015-11-29 09:33:10

This dress is perfect! I purchased this one and a strapless one so we could decide on one for the girls. We found it!
I bought size 4 and it fits just right.


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