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2 couches Voile de mariée longueur bout des doigts avec Bord de coupe #3845

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Fondé en 2007, JJ's House s’impose comme leader mondial de détaillant en ligne. Il offre aux clientes une large gamme de robe de mariée, robe d’évènements spéciaux, robe cocktail et accessoires adaptés à la robe de leur rêve. Nos clientes éprouvent une grande satisfaction à parcourir notre site, trouvant leur bonheur parmi les robes sélectionnées. JJ's House se dote d’un service à la clientèle exceptionnel, offrant des pièces de qualité à des prix abordables.

Code produit #3845 Catégorie Voile de mariée longueur bout des doigts
Tissu Tulle Décoration Paillette
Couches du voile 2 couches Forme du voile Style Classique
Style de bordure Bord de coupe Couleur Affichée Blanc
Couleur Disponible Blanc, Ivoire Longueur du voile 41.34 pouce (105cm)
Plus courte longueur de la couche 27.56 pouce (70cm) Saison Printemps, Été, Automne, Hiver
Comment Porter Voile avec peigne, prêt à porter
Astuces Couleur et le style peuvent varier selon le moniteur
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Perfect veil! Just enough details, like I wanted. It won't take the attention away from my gown, but will add a romantic touch to my outfit. I especially like the little rhinestones. I'm really glad I ordered this on this website, instead of buying it in the stores where the prices are horrible. JJ's House has really impressed me!

This veil was absolutely perfect! It matched my dress, it was just the right color, and not too much detail to it, it was lovely.
I bought this beautiful veil wanting to avoid the $100+ price tag I saw elsewhere. For less than $25 it was perfect and I felt great on my wedding day. Really amazing website, I highly recommend JJ's House.

I love the veil bought on your website. It matches my dress very well. The veils on your website are beautiful, too. And the veil on your website is very cheap. It will be better if you can send it to me earlier.

I bought this veil to match my wedding dress used on my wedding, it matched the dress so well and I was the most beautiful woman that day, thank you so much

i do not like the decorations, such as beadings, pearls , so i picked cut edged veil without hesitation. i just want to tell you that i like it!! it just came as the picture shows! You are a wonder!! indeed!


i bought this veil Two-tier Fingertip Bridal Veils With Cut Edge (006003845) for my wife and she was so pretty under the veil, thanks for your nice work

Nice veil for the money. Arrived in a good package, so pretty fingertip veil. The comb is very easy to use and it is so convenient to wear. love it, can't wait to have it on, really happy. A+++++

The veil just arrived at my home 3 days ago, the workmanship of the dress is very good, also, the express is so quick which is out of my expectation.

The fabric of this veil tulle is a soft, bright white. I tried ordering another one-tier fingertip veil to pair with it, but the colors didn't match since the other veil is more of an antique white, not a pure white. This one is a narrower veil, I think, measuring 60" wide, and mine measured 120cm in length.

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